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Concept art of W created by Akira Inoue
Designed by Akira Inoue
Planned for Gamera vs. the Two-Headed Monster W
Concept history "W" → Garasharp

A monster tentatively named "W" (W,   Daburyū) was planned for an unmade 1972 Gamera film entitled Gamera vs. the Two-Headed Monster W (ガメラ対双頭怪獣W,   Gamera tai Sōtō Kaijū Daburyū).


Gamera vs. the Two-Headed Monster W was announced as the next entry in the Gamera series following Gamera vs. Zigra.[1] The tentatively named W was designed by Akira Inoue, with clear resemblances to the Godzilla series villain King Ghidorah. Production details mentioned in the "Remember the Gamera Series" featurette indicate this was intentional, as King Ghidorah was on Noriaki Yuasa's mind while working on Zigra.[2] According to Yuasa, as translated by Yoshihiko Shibata, a "costume" had been created for the monster despite no script ever being completed.[3] It is possible that this prop was destroyed amidst a labor riot following Daiei's bankruptcy, as Yuasa recalled that "all the monster props" at the studio were destroyed with hammers.[4]

It is a common misconception among fans that Gamera vs. the Two-Headed Monster W was either the same as Gamera vs. Garasharp, or replaced by it prior to Daiei's bankruptcy in 1972. However, this is not true, as Garasharp was created specifically for the Gamera Permanent Preservation Plan LaserDisc set, which came out in 1991.[2] Gamera vs. Garasharp would serve as a fulfillment of Inoue's involvement with a new Gamera story, though, as he was responsible for contributing illustrations and kaiju designs to the project.


W's body is long and snake-like with two necks, large tattered wings and short arms. Its heads have sharp beaks, with one appearing to have spikes around its cheeks and running down its neck, and the other having a dragon-like mane. W's body seems to be covered in scales, and its underside resembles an annelid's segmented body. Concept art depicts W as being at least two times Gamera's height and roughly tripling his height in total length.


Gamera vs. the Two-Headed Monster W

Little is known of W or what role it would have played in the story, though concept art shows it fighting Gamera amidst what appear to be walls of flame.


Be Strong! Gamera

In an original story scenario, W was a bioweapon engineered jointly by the Virians and Zigrans on Terra, incorporating combat data against Gamera.[5]


Mouth projectiles

Concept art of W appears to show it breathing flames from its proper right head and a freeze ray from its proper left. It later demonstrated this ability in Be Strong! Gamera. Also in this book, W possessed a Cell Activity Suspension Beam (細胞活動停止光線,   Saibō Katsudō Teishi Kōsen) not unlike Zigra's which it could fire from either of its foreheads. However, this beam proved ineffective against the giant whale God Gein due to its sheer size.[5]



  • A dual-headed monster named Doublius, likely based on W, appeared in the 1994 manga series Gamera the Giant Monster.
  • As part of April Fools' Day in 2021, the official Gamera Twitter claimed that a script for Gamera vs. the Two-Headed Monster W had been discovered.[1]


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