The Human Torch

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The Human Torch
The Human Torch
Planned January 31, 1974[1]
Concept history The Dreadful Human Torch
The Human Torch
The Invisible Man vs. The Human Torch

The Human Torch (火焔人間,   Kaen Ningen) is an unproduced 1974 film screenplay written by Masahiro Kakefuda based on Tomoyuki Tanaka's proposal The Dreadful Human Torch.[2]


Following Tomoyuki Tanaka's proposal for a trilogy of Toho Eizo-produced superhuman movies in response to the popularity of TV airings of the Transforming Human Series, Masahiro Kakefuda submitted The Human Torch for examination in January of 1974.[2] Jun Fukuda, the proposed director for Tanaka's The Dreadful Human Torch, was retained for The Human Torch, with Tomoyuki and Fumio Tanaka as producers.[1]

Kakefuda's draft makes significant alterations to Tanaka's original proposal. The story revolves around the mansion of the regal Kurosaki family, who made a fortune in the coal mining industry; this comes as a stark contrast to Tanaka's The Dreadful Human Torch, in which the firstborn son of a chemical manufacturer's late president vies for his father's inheritance. When writing the draft, Kakefuda was inspired by the works of detective novelist Seishi Yokomizo, of whom he was a lifelong fan. The plot was said to be filled with suspense, and the identity of the Human Torch was not revealed until the end of the story.[2]

The Human Torch went untouched through 1974, with Fukuda tending to the direction of Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla and ESPY. However, after the release of Ishiro Honda's Terror of Mechagodzilla the following year, Toho had not planned for any new Godzilla or tokusatsu films for its 1975 line-up, and Toho Eizo yearned for a new project to fill the void. Kakefuda submitted yet another draft, entitled The Invisible Man vs. The Human Torch, in May of 1975, combining Tanaka's ideas for the first and second entries in his trilogy into one movie.[2]

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