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Nintendo Power ad
Planned 1990-1991
Concept history RodanGodzilla 2: War
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A giant flying reptile assaults the earth! Rodan, Godzilla's arch enemy! Now an exciting NES game!

— Marketing blurb from Nintendo Power

Rodan (ラドン,   Radon) is an unreleased 1991 Godzilla game.


The first advertisement for the game was in 1990, in a page where Nintendo Entertainment System Toho games were being advertised. The ad showed Godzilla: Monster of Monsters!, Circus Caper, the Game Boy Godzilla, Times of Lore, and Rodan. Interestingly, the Rodan part of the ad states that Rodan is "Godzilla's arch enemy"; however, the only fight they had fought up to the time of this game's production was in Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster, and that was only brief. Afterwards, they were shown to be allies.

Issue #16 of Nintendo Power mentioned the game in their "Game and Watch" section. This issue mentioned that the game is "sort of a sequel to the NES Godzilla game." In their September issue of 1990, Gamepro mentioned the game as well by saying that it was "a sequel to Godzilla."

Not long after this, the game was scrapped and then, according to Nintendo Power, returned as Godzilla 2: War of the Monsters. How much of the game was changed when it was renamed is unknown. It is reported that the reason for the game being renamed was that Toho felt a game under Rodan's name would not sell as well as a Godzilla game.


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