Shin Godzilla Special Demo Content

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Shin Godzilla Special Demo Content
Developer Sony Interactive Entertainment
Publisher Sony
Platforms PlayStation VR
Languages Japanese
Genre Virtual reality

The Shin Godzilla Special Demo Content (『シン・ゴジラ』スペシャルデモコンテンツ,   "Shin Gojira" Supesharu Demo Kontentsu) is a free virtual reality demo made for the PlayStation® VR. It was released exclusively in Japan on the PlayStation Store on October 13, 2016.[1]


Because it is only a tech demo, there is no real gameplay other than moving the head of the character to look at the surroundings and at Godzilla.

The demo consists of the player starting out in a leveled Tokyo. Suddenly, Godzilla's long tail hovers around and goes behind a building, where it keeps appearing between buildings. Eventually, Godzilla comes out from behind a skyscraper, and proceeds to turn around toward the player. As he gets closer, his stomps launch rocks toward the player. Eventually, one of the rocks lands on the player, and the demo ends.




Footage of the demo


  • A special conference was held in August previewing this demo. Shinji Higuchi and Shin Godzilla producer Yoshihiro Sato were present at the conference, presenting the demo.[1]

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