Godzilla Voxel Wars (2023)

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Godzilla Voxel Wars
Godzilla Voxel Wars title.jpg
Developer Nukenin LLC[1][2]
Publisher TOHO Games[1][2]
Platforms Steam, Epic Games Store[3][4]
Languages Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional)[1][2]
Genre Turn-based strategy, puzzle
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Godzilla Voxel Wars (ゴジラ ボクセルウォーズ,   Gojira Bokuseru Wōzu), nicknamed GojiBoku (ゴジボク) for short,[5] is a 2023 Japanese single-player turn-based strategy game developed by Nukenin LLC and published by TOHO Games.[1][2] It was released to the computer game platforms Steam and Epic Games on October 31, 2023 and November 7, 2023, respectively.[3][4] Taking place across six worlds of 20 grid-based stages, the game features an original story involving an invasion of alien mushrooms called fungoids.


Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah, Mechagodzilla and more Toho monsters will rampage across an 8x8 grid to defeat the Fungoid mushroom invasion in strategic turn-based combat.

Defeat the Fungoids
Control Toho monsters and battle against the Fungoids as they launch a global invasion!
Combat foes through turn-based mechanics! The fewer turns you take to clear a stage, the more points you'll earn!

Strategic Turn-based Gameplay
Each of the six worlds includes multiple stages for you to take on. On each stage, you'll have to grapple with different monsters and try different approaches as you strive for victory. Repeat stages and aim to earn more points!

Twice the Challenge
There are two sides to this world: the surface and what lies beneath. Once you've cleared the surface, put your skills to the test by attempting the more difficult underside. You can also build your own stages and share them for other players to try.
Your ranking will increase as more players attempt stages you've created, so make a stage with your favorite monsters and share it with the world!

Original Story
Why have the Fungoids come to invade our world? Why is Godzilla fighting on our side? Find the Investigation Reports scattered across various stages to unravel the mystery.[1]


Area 1
  1. The Toys Dad Gave Me (父のくれたおもちゃ,   Chichi no Kureta Omocha)
  2. Funguirus Assault (強襲マッシュラス,   Kyōshū Masshurasu)
  3. City on the Edge of Erosion (侵食される街,   Shinshoku Sareru Machi)
  4. Parasitized Monster (寄生された怪獣,   Kisei Sareta Kaijū)
  5. New Figure (新しいフィギュア,   Atarashī Figyua)
  6. A Second Rodan (2体目のラドン,   Nitaime no Radon)
  7. Fungalbee Appears (マッシュビー現る,   Masshubī Arawaru)
  8. Reckless Rush (猪突猛進,   Chototsu Mōshin)
  9. Summon the Killer Dinosaur (暴竜召喚,   Bōryū Shōkan)
  10. A Fine Partner (よき相棒,   Yoki Aibō)
  11. Light Seen from the Window (窓から見える光,   Mado kara Mieru Hikari)
  12. Courage Found in Fear (湧き出る恐怖,   Wakideru Kyōfu)
  13. The Investigation Report Dad Left (父の残した調査書,   Chichi no Nokoshita Chōsasho)
  14. So It Doesn't Break (壊れないように,   Kowarenai Yō ni)
  15. Two Birds One Stone (一石二鳥,   Isseki Nichō)
  16. Blast from Afar! (遠くから吹っ飛ばせ!,   Tōku kara Futtobase!)
  17. Mountain Scaling Battle (山越しの攻防,   Yamagoshi no Kōbō)
  18. Make the First Move (一歩をひねり出せ,   Ippo wo Hineridase)
  19. Destroy It All! (どんどん壊せ!,   Dondon Kowase!)
  20. A Formidable Foe Appears (強敵現る,   Kyōteki Arawaru)
Area 1 (Under)
  1. Stronger Together
  2. Until Next Time
  3. It's Hard on Me, Too
  4. Rodan Spawning
  5. Rodan Spawn
  6. Labyrinth of Anguirus
  7. Confirm Ahead
  8. Cooperate?
  9. What Will You Do?
  10. Eroded Housing Complex
  11. Teashroom
  12. No Restraints
  13. Come Over Here
  14. The Gold Beyond the Mountain
  15. Secret of the Spore
  16. Field of Flowers
  17. Army of Anguirus
  18. Will You Bee Mine?
  19. Rodan Transport
  20. Return of a Formidable Foe
Area 2
  1. Parasitized Machine
  2. Which Is Your Target?
  3. Steel Gunner
  4. Mushcargot Appears
  5. Gas Tank Explosion
  6. Agitator
  7. What's Fueling This?
  8. Beware of Maguma!
  9. A Cicada to the Flame
  10. Clear Skies with Periodic Gas Tanks
  11. Parasitized Rose
  12. Pull
  13. Who to Pull?
  14. Godzilla Abandoned
  15. Muscashroom Appears
  16. Move That Ultra Strength Container
  17. A Lucky Lid on It
  18. Waltz with the Container
  19. Container Collision Training
  20. Dance of the Queen Bee
Area 2 (Under)
  1. Who's your first target?
  2. Mecha Durability
  3. Sautéed Mushrooms
  4. City in Meltdown
  5. Maguma Clash
  6. Gold of the Jungle
  7. Close It Up!
  8. Fungoid Cluster
  9. Fungoid Cluster 2
  10. Gas Tank Road
  11. Amazon Basin
  12. Push and Pull
  13. Rodan or Mothra (Larva)
  14. Best Combination
  15. Secret of the Containers
  16. Watch Out, This Could Get Ugly!
  17. Desperate Defense
  18. The Worth of a Mushroom
  19. Container Switch
  20. Dance of the Queen Bee (Cont.)
Area 3
  1. Parasitized Flaming Dragon
  2. Eroded Desert City
  3. Stagshroom Appears
  4. The Best in the Dunes
  5. Where Are They Coming From?
  6. Protect the Eggs!
  7. Container Transport
  8. The Time for Action Is...Now?
  9. Nests and G Power
  10. Just Add Eggs
  11. The Thing in the Mountains
  12. The Miracle of Mothra
  13. And It Seemed So Gentle
  14. Dungshroom Appears
  15. Egg of the Flaming Dragon
  16. The Thing and the Flaming Dragon
  17. Reversal in One
  18. Scorching Passage
  19. Out of the Egg and onto the Team
  20. Explosive Raid
Area 3 (Under)
  1. Skillful Teamwork
  2. Formation of Six
  3. Warehouse Keeper, Part 1
  4. The Mule and the Mule
  5. Don't Push!
  6. Mushroom Ecology
  7. Egg Bros.
  8. Birthplace
  9. A Tasty-Looking Egg
  10. Hatching Impossible
  11. The Lava District
  12. Defensive Options
  13. Ghidorah's Secret
  14. Nest in the Basin
  15. A Grand Connection
  16. Destination of the Egg
  17. The Spore in the Mountains
  18. Path of the Egg
  19. Shock-Resistant Egg
  20. Explosive Raid (Cont.)
Area 4
  1. Rebellious Age
  2. Pacifistic Violence
  3. Battle below Zero
  4. Rhinoceroom Appears
  5. Reason Behind the Disappearance
  6. Sliding Ice Blocks
  7. Handle with Care
  8. Mantroom Appears
  9. What Must Be Protected
  10. A Mighty Ally
  11. Fear of Scissors
  12. A Pair of Scissors
  13. City under a Sheet of Snow
  14. Scissor and Sickle
  15. Barrier Development
  16. Eroded Barrier
  17. Split and Slide
  18. At the Snow-Capped Frontier
  19. Ice Cannon
  20. Charge Impact
Area 4 (Under)
  1. Trapped with a Mantroom
  2. Big Explosion
  3. A Mystery of Evolution
  4. Hot and Cold
  5. Gas Tanks on a Cold Day
  6. Rhinoceroom Crossing
  7. Enclosing Ice Blocks
  8. Miraculous Ice
  9. The Secret of Power
  10. Gas Tank Fireworks Display
  11. Ambush
  12. Container Storage in the Snowfield
  13. You Handle the Rest
  14. The Container Is Yours
  15. Mecha or Mini?
  16. Barrier Insurance
  17. Two Barriers
  18. Barrier Burst
  19. Shrimp Festival!
  20. Charge Impact (Cont.)
Area 5
  1. Poisonous Swamp
  2. Handling Poison
  3. A Pro with Poison
  4. Poison Mushroom
  5. Pickled in Poison
  6. I Hate Poison
  7. Warning! Massive Mushroom Outbreak
  8. I Want to Send Something
  9. Seeing off the Poisonous Swamp
  10. Hedorah Road
  11. Slugshroom Appears
  12. Proliferating Fear
  13. Secret in the Package
  14. Get the Gas Tanks in There
  15. Aim for the Cross
  16. Between the Ice and the Container
  17. Figure Materials
  18. Slugshroom Farm
  19. Time Bomb!
  20. Hellish Proliferation!
Area 5 (Under)
  1. Four Corners
  2. River of Poison
  3. One Last Taste of Toxic
  4. We've Got This
  5. Poison or Thread?
  6. Field of Toxic Flowers
  7. Property Maneuvers
  8. Warehouse Keeper, Part 2
  9. Served Cold
  10. Connect with the Ice!
  11. Sorry
  12. Mushroom Slugshroom
  13. My Neighbor Anguirus
  14. Massive Muscashroom Outbreak
  15. Raise by Example
  16. Shock Strategy
  17. The Skill to Lead
  18. Egg Atop Poison
  19. Container Terminal
  20. Hellish Proliferation! (Cont.)
Area 6
  1. Parasitized Perfect Lifeform
  2. Mid-Range Attack
  3. Volcanic Highway
  4. Maguma Archipelago
  5. Ignite the Gas Tanks
  6. Destoroyah's Garden
  7. The House with a Moat of Magma
  8. Toxic Lattice
  9. Charging the Complex
  10. Mass Destruction
  11. Volcano Gas Tank Transport
  12. Blocking the Charge
  13. A Way to End the Fear
  14. Fire at Will
  15. Exploding Mushcargot
  16. Scorching Road
  17. Countless Allies
  18. Great Gathering of Monsters
  19. Road to Victory
  20. The Final Battle!
Area 6 (Under)
  1. Beyond the Magma
  2. Sea of Poison
  3. Exploding Ice
  4. Delivery Destoroyah
  5. Gas Tank District
  6. Spare Some Mercy for the Enemy
  7. Eye to Eye
  8. Endure the Pain and Cross Over
  9. Lightly Broil
  10. Ice Relay
  11. Container Storage at the Foot of the Volcano
  12. Let the Beam Pass Through!
  13. Everyone Together
  14. Dangerous Object Handling Squad
  15. Where's the Gas Tank?
  16. The Containers Between
  17. Ice Bowling
  18. The One in the Way of Your Return
  19. Scorching Tightrope
  20. The Final Final Battle!


Main article: Godzilla Voxel Wars/Credits.

Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Ken "Waken" Watanabe
  • Assistant director   Naoya Harahashi
  • Executive producers   Keiji Ota, Akito Takahashi
  • Produced by   Naoko Horie, Akito Yamamoto
  • Assistant producer   Mei Hashimoto
  • Music by   Daisuke Shiiba
  • "Godzilla's Theme" by   Akira Ifukube
  • Art directors   Keisuke Nishikawa, Ken "Waken" Watanabe
  • Level designers   Kinjo, Yachiko Obara, Naoya Harahashi, Ken "Waken" Watanabe
  • Programmers   Ken "Waken" Watanabe, Koichi Kimura, Satoshi Nishida



  • Funguirus (I, II, III, IV)
  • Parasitized Rodan
  • Fungalbee (I, II, III, IV)
  • Parasitized Anguirus
  • Parasitized Mothra (larva, imago)
  • Parasitized Mechagodzilla
  • Mushcargot (I, II, III, IV)
  • Parasitized Biollante
  • Muscashroom (I, II, III, IV)
  • Parasitized King Ghidorah
  • Stagshroom (I, II, III, IV)
  • Dungshroom (I, II, III, IV)
  • Parasitized Minilla
  • Rhinoceroom (I, II, III, IV)
  • Mantroom (I, II, III, IV)
  • Parasitized Ebirah
  • Parasitized Hedorah
  • Slugshroom (I, II, III, IV)
  • Parasitized Destoroyah
  • Funguirus Ω
  • Fungalbee Ω
  • Dungshroom Ω
  • Rhinoceroom Ω
  • Slugshroom Ω
  • Kingshroom

Weapons, vehicles, and races


A trademark for Godzilla Voxel Wars was filed by Toho in Japan on June 2, 2023.[6] The game was officially announced that August 31.[7]

On October 27, it was announced that the game would be released on November 1, including on the Epic Games Store in addition to the previously-announced Steam.[2]


The first trailer for Godzilla Voxel Wars was released with the game's announcement on August 31.[1] A second trailer followed on October 27.[2]

The game was featured during the Godzilla Battle Line "GojiBato Summit" taking place at Godzilla Fest 2023 on November 3. The game's director Ken "Waken" Watanabe appeared as a guest.[5]






English trailer
Japanese trailer
Japanese trailer #2

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