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Credits for Run Godzilla

Run Godzilla
Key art for Run Godzilla
Developer KingMo
Publisher Toho Games
Publish date March 25, 2021 (excluding Japan),
June 2021 (Japan)
Platforms Android, iOS
Languages English, Japanese
Genre Simulation, racing

Run Godzilla (ラン・ゴジラ,   Ran Gojira) is a free mobile game for Android and iOS in which players raise and race kaiju on a primitive world. Toho Games published it worldwide, with the exception of Japan, on March 25, 2021. The game was released in Japan in June.


A bizarre casual game where you raise Godzilla.

This is an idle game in which Godzilla and Kaiju become stronger while you’re away. In the village, the sun rises and sets day after day. What you must remember is that Godzilla, Kaiju, and the villagers have only a limited amount of time. One day, they will say goodbye. Raise Godzilla and Kaiju well, so they are ready to say goodbye when that time comes. Don’t worry! You can look back on the Godzilla you’ve raised even after they’re gone. Pass on their abilities to the next generation and raise even stronger Godzilla and Kaiju![1]


In a world where humans and kaiju peacefully co-exist, the player raises a succession of kaiju to compete in the G1 Godzilla Race against their peers. Their first kaiju will always be Godzilla; after his timer runs out and he departs, they can later raise Mothras, King Ghidorahs, and Rodans. The coloration and species of each successive kaiju will be randomized unless microtransactions are used. You are, however, able to increase their starting stats based on the previous Kaiju's performance Kaiju can fire rays at competitors ahead of them, making races more than a test of speed. Each kaiju has five stats: condition, stamina, speed, attack, and toughness. Their starting stats will increase based on the previous kaiju's performance.

The races, 38 in all, are nameless, with each represented by a poster from the 29 Toho-produced live-action Godzilla films. Each film corresponds to at least one races, with two races for the seven Godzilla movies made from 1962 to 1968 (acknowledging their Toho Champion Festival re-releases), The Return of Godzilla, and Shin Godzilla. The player has limited control over how their kaiju performs in each race, apart from launching it at the start and leading villagers in cheers for it, which boosts its health. Kajiu can also enter a Burning State, causing them to glow. It increases their stats for a time, but ends after a race.

Outside of the races, the player must manage several resources in a village to strengthen their kaiju. The Prayers of human Friends are what directly raise their stats. Like kaiju, Friends have timers, which can be extended with Apples. These are both won through races and grown in the village. A Factory produces the diamonds needed to add more Friends to the village, but upgrades to the Factory will shorten Friends' timers and reduce Apple production. Finishing a race causes the Factory to break down, resetting its upgrade level.


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  • Adam





Run Godzilla, Godzilla Destruction, and Godzilla Battle Line announcement trailer


  • Godzilla's atomic breath uses the sound of a lightsaber igniting.
  • Run Godzilla's Japanese title is only one kana different from that of Shin Godzilla.
  • All four kaiju use Godzilla's roar.

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