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Minecraft: Bedrock Edition
The Minecraft: Bedrock Edition logo
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  • PC (Windows, ChromeOS)
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PlayStation 4/VR
  • Android
  • iOS & iPadOS
  • Fire OS
  • more discontinued
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29 languages, including English
Genre Sandbox, survival

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is a version of the 2011 sandbox video game Minecraft developed by Mojang Studios[a] and SkyBox Labs.[d] It is a multi-platform counterpart to the original, PC-only Minecraft: Java Edition, which it has replaced as the primary edition of the game.[15] Named for the "Bedrock Engine" on which it is built,[15] the Bedrock Edition began life as Minecraft: Pocket Edition,[3] released exclusively for mobile devices, beginning with the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play on August 16, 2011.[8] It was later released to other platforms, with these ports bearing unique "...Edition" titles.[e] All Bedrock Engine-based Minecraft editions were unified through an update on September 20, 2017, which introduced full support for crossplay and rebranded them as a single version of the game.[14][15]

A Godzilla-based DLC pack developed by Team-KYO and Impress was released for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on January 30, 2024.[6] A Universal Studios-based DLC pack featuring the Skull Island: Reign of Kong attraction, developed by Everbloom Games, followed on February 13, 2024.[20]

Godzilla DLC

Minecraft Godzilla Banner.jpg

Movie theater

Players begin the DLC in the lobby of a four-screen movie theater; after obtaining tickets, they can enter each of the screens to play a different game. Coins awarded from these games can been redeemed in a giant capsule toy machine in the gift shop to unlock a total of 41 kaiju statues and images. They can be viewed in a five-floor gallery, with each floor representing an era in the Godzilla film series.

Players can also unlock statues of Godzilla that will appear in the lobby by undergoing certain tasks during completion of each Screen; these achievements are also commemorated by up to three silver Godzillas on each Screen's outside awning. Once all statues are unlocked, a large centerpiece statue of Godzilla's fourth form from Shin Godzilla will appear in the lobby.


Screen 1

Fury of the colossal beast: Godzilla makes landfall.

Dodge Godzilla's attacks and run to safety.

Lend a hand to those in need and aim for the top result.

— Ticket blurb

Screen 1 is based on the original 1954 Godzilla film. The adventure primarily focuses on the player attempting to escape Tokyo as Godzilla attacks the city, though they are also able to help and rescue civilians in need for a better end score. Throughout the adventure, players will also need to avoid Godzilla's atomic breath, which is marked with a blue circle with a warning sign on the ground, and falling debris, marked with red circles and warning signs. Being hit by the atomic breath will result in the player having to restart the stage. Throughout each stage, cans of hardtack can be collected to replenish the health and hunger meters.

  • Stage 1: Set in a train yard filled with many stationary train cars. The player must navigate around and inside the cars to reach the exit, which is a building entrance found in a right-hand corner of the map. The mission of this stage involves helping a man activate a communication device to call for rescue. In order to successfully activate the device, the player must press buttons in a particular order that will turn all of the lights green.
  • Stage 2: The first half of this stage takes place on the rooftops of various buildings, where the player must occasionally carefully walk across thin platforms such as ropes or steel beams or jump across ledges to reach other rooftops. Falling down into the streets will result in the player being teleported back to the last surface they stood on before falling. The second half takes place on street level, where the player must dodge falling debris along with burning hot spots on the devastated streets to reach the end goal. The mission of this stage involves rescuing a member of a construction crew who is trapped behind a barrier with a tank blocking the way. To destroy the tank and rescue him, the player must navigate to the next building over and carefully traverse the steel beams to reach the chests resting on them, one of which contains a drill. Once the drill has been obtained, the player must return to the previous rooftop and use the drill on the tank, which will cause it to explode and free the trapped worker.
  • Stage 3: Set in the burning National Diet Building. While escaping, the player must take care to not make contact with the flames or burning spots riddling the floor, as both will injure them. Throughout the stage, there are many chests containing fire extinguishers, which can put out the fires, or Golden Apples (depicted here as cans of food), which will quickly replenish the player's health on top of giving them temporary extra health. The mission of this stage involves saving a girl named Yoshiko from her burning house. Rescuing her requires extinguishing the flames engulfing the path to her room with at least two of the many fire extinguishers found in the chests and talking to her on the balcony of the home.

The full completion requirement of this adventure involves rescuing all three civilians throughout the stages, and meeting this requirement rewards a statue of the original Godzilla.

Screen 2

Fight like Godzilla against the Kaiju!!
Become Godzilla and engage in epic battles with formidable monsters.
Use a variety of attacks and utilize the items from destroyed buildings to emerge victorious!

— Ticket blurb

Screen 2 is based on the many films in which Godzilla battles other monsters. In this adventure, the player transforms into Godzilla, whose design here is based on his appearance in The Return of Godzilla, and battles six waves of monsters in a city. Godzilla is able to punch, swing his tail, and fire his atomic breath as attacks. In single-player mode, Jet Jaguar serves as an ally in each wave; in multiplayer, Player 1 has Godzilla's standard charcoal grey coloration, while additional players are tinted different colors, including blue, red, and green.

The full completion requirement of this adventure requires the player to attain at least 4000 points, and meeting this requirement rewards a statue of the Godzilla from The Return of Godzilla.

Screen 3

A mysterious colossal creature emerges from the sea!
A mysterious giant that grows with each landing. Can you defend the city's symbol?
Join forces with the people, build barricades, and repel the massive creature!

— Ticket blurb

Screen 3 is based on Shin Godzilla. In this adventure, the player is tasked with constructing barricades and setting up TNT traps to halt an ever-evolving Godzilla's rampage. The adventure is split into three different phases, each based on Godzilla's major forms in the film:

  • Defensive Phase 1: Players construct walls to damage Godzilla's second form as he rampages; after his health bar is drained, he returns to the water.
  • Defensive Phase 2: Players first collect items and prepare their defenses against Godzilla's third form. They can interact with citizens to aid in building walls and trade hardtack for TNT during this planning phase. Godzilla will again return to the water after his health bar is depleted.
  • Defensive Phase 3: During the planning phase against Godzilla's fourth form, an agent who emerges from a helicopter will provide blood coagulation potions. Godzilla will be frozen solid when the blood coagulation potion is fired into his mouth via crossbow, regardless of his health level.

The full completion requirement of this adventure requires the player to complete all three stages, and meeting this requirement rewards a statue of Godzilla's second form from Shin Godzilla.

Screen 4

Who will become 'The Mightiest Kaiju'?
As Monarch, you're investigating Kong's habitat abord the HEAV.
But then, Godzilla barges in, and the battle begins!
Who will earn the title of 'The Mightiest Kaiju'?
Capture the epic showdown on camera!

— Ticket blurb

Screen 4 is based on Godzilla vs. Kong. In this adventure, the player rides a Monarch HEAV in an on-rail segment to take pictures of warring Titans and a nearby Hellhawk whilst flying around them. Each level has a quota of 20 pictures to take.

The full completion requirement of this adventure requires the player to meet the picture quota for each stage along with taking pictures of all three Hellhawks, and meeting this requirement rewards a statue of Godzilla and Kong battling.

Selected appearances

Godzilla DLC


Collection only

Universal Studios DLC

Weapons, vehicles, and races



Godzilla DLC trailer
Universal Studios DLC trailer



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