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This is a list of video games featuring King Kong and other associated characters

List of King King video games[edit | edit source]

Release date Image Title System(s) Monsters
Flagicon United States.png 1982 King Kong Atari 2600.jpg King Kong Atari 2600 King Kong
Flagicon Japan.png 1986 King Kong 2 - Ikari no Megaton Punch Coverart.png King Kong 2: Furious Megaton Punch Famicom King Kong, Lady Kong, Baby Kong, Giant Shellfish, Giant Spider, Giant Scorpions, Giant Scallop, Giant Cells, Giant Slime, Giant Dragon, Giant Bee, Robot Gorillas
Flagicon Japan.png 1986 King Kong 2 - Yomigaeru Densetsu Coverart.png King Kong 2: Revived Legend MSX2 King Kong, Lady Kong, Baby Kong
Flagicon Japan.png 1988 Konami Wai Wai.jpg Konami Wai Wai World Family Computer, Moblie King Kong, Mechani-Kong
Flagicon United States.png 2005 PETER JACKSON'S KING KONG XBOX Cover.jpg Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie Nintendo Gamebcube, PC, Nintendo DS, Sony Playstation 2, Sony Playstation Portable, Microsoft Xbox, Microsoft Xbox 360 King Kong, Vastatosaurus rex, Piranhadon, Venatosaurus, Terapusmordax, Neopede, Scorpio-pede, Udusaur, Giant Crab, Moonspider, Brontosaurus
Flagicon United States.png 2005 250px-Kong - The 8th Wonder of the World Coverart.png Kong: The 8th Wonder of the World Game Boy Advance King Kong, Giant Crab, Venatosaurus, Ferrucutus, Vastatosaurus rex

Other video games featuring King Kong[edit | edit source]

Release date Image Title System(s) Monsters
Flagicon Australia.png / Flagicon Canada.png April 2021
15 June 2021
31 August 2022
Godzilla Battle Line banner.png Godzilla Battle Line
(ゴジラバトルライン,   Gojira Batoru Rain)
Android; iOS; Windows
Main article: Godzilla Battle Line#Monsters.

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