King Kong 2: Furious Megaton Punch

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King Kong 2: Furious Megaton Punch
King Kong 2: Furious Megaton Punch box art
Developer Konami
Publisher Konami
Platforms Famicom
Languages Japanese
Genre Action

King Kong 2: Furious Megaton Punch (キングコング2 怒りのメガトンパンチ,   Kingu Kongu Tsū: Ikari no Megaton Panchi') is a video game developed for the Famicom by Konami in 1986. It is loosely based on the 1986 film King Kong Lives, which was titled King Kong 2 in Japan.


King Kong 2: Furious Megaton Punch is an overhead action game. The player directs King Kong, who is trying to save his mate Lady Kong, towards the end of each stage while fighting enemies. He must travel to nine worlds, collecting keys from each so he can free Lady Kong from the door she in locked in. King Kong can punch enemies or toss boulders at them. If King Kong is damaged, he can gain health by collecting hearts. Collecting artificial hearts increases his maximum health.



  • King Kong
  • Lady Kong
  • Baby Kong
  • Giant Shellfish
  • Giant Spider
  • Giant Scorpions
  • Giant Scallop
  • Giant Cells
  • Giant Slime
  • Giant Dragon
  • Giant Bee
  • Robot Gorillas




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