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AstroGodzilla concept art
Species Extraterrestrial Godzilla clone
Allies Giant Alien Dragonflies
Little Godzilla, Miki Saegusa (While under his mind control)
Enemies Godzilla
Planned for Godzilla vs. AstroGodzilla
Concept history Emperor GhidorahAstroGodzillaCrystal GodzillaSpaceGodzilla

AstroGodzilla (アストロゴジラ,   Asutorogojira) is an unmade extraterrestrial Godzilla clone from the unmade 1994 Godzilla film Godzilla vs. AstroGodzilla. In a similar fashion to Berserk being one of the original concepts for the Heisei Mechagodzilla, AstroGodzilla is a concept that eventually became SpaceGodzilla.


AstroGodzilla's name comes from the prefix astro, referring to space, and Godzilla. This name is used to refer to the monster in an article on the unmade film in G-FAN magazine. Some concept art for the SpaceGodzilla predecessor refers to it as "CrystalGodzilla" instead.


AstroGodzilla, being a prototype for SpaceGodzilla, shares many similarities in appearance with him. Each of AstroGodzilla's concept sketches loosely resembles Godzilla and possesses crystalline growths on its body and tusks around its mouth. However, many of AstroGodzilla's sketches look noticeably different from SpaceGodzilla. Some of them possess additional limbs or massive dorsal fins that act as wings. Several possess either forked tails or two separate tails.


Godzilla vs. AstroGodzilla

AstroGodzilla, spawned by some of Godzilla's cells brought into space by Biollante, comes to Earth with an army of giant alien dragonflies in order to conquer the planet and kill his earthling counterpart. AstroGodzilla sends his dragonflies to Baas Island, where they attack LittleGodzilla. Godzilla arrives to defend his son against the dragonflies, but AstroGodzilla uses his telepathic powers to take control of LittleGodzilla and Miki Saegusa's minds and force them to do his bidding. When AstroGodzilla invades Japan, Godzilla joins forces with the G-Force mecha MOGUERA and Mothra to stop his extraterrestrial clone and save his adopted son.



AstroGodzilla could fly.

Ice ray

AstroGodzilla could shoot a freezing ray from his mouth.

Psychic abilities

Although to what extent is unknown, the script shows AstroGodzilla having powerful psychic abilities.

Mind control

AstroGodzilla took control of LittleGodzilla and Miki Saegusa's minds, forcing them to do his bidding.



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