Godzilla vs. Baraguirus

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Godzilla vs. Baraguirus
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Planned 1995
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Godzilla vs. Baraguirus (ゴジラVSバラギラス,   Gojira tai Baragirasu) is an early proposal for the seventh Heisei Godzilla film. Another iteration of the idea to pit Godzilla against Ghost Godzilla, the concept had Ghost Godzilla possess the new monster Baraguirus, a kaiju with traits of both Baragon and Anguirus.


More than 40 years have passed since the original Godzilla's 1954 attack on Tokyo. The spirit of the first Godzilla awakens in Tokyo Bay and attacks Japan. The attacks by Ghost Godzilla draw the attention of the modern day Godzilla and the quadrupedal dinosaurian monster Baraguirus. Ghost Godzilla soon possesses Baraguirus and an all out war between the monster and Godzilla looms.[1]


This draft was submitted on December 22, 1994 by Shinji Nishikawa, who proposed expanding the monster cast of Godzilla vs. Godzilla to more than just Godzilla and his ghostly doppelganger. Nishikawa added the new monster Baraguirus, a creature with traits of and named after both Baragon and Anguirus. Rather than possessing LittleGodzilla as in previous drafts, Ghost Godzilla this time possessed this new kaiju.[1]

Ultimately, the idea to pit Godzilla against Ghost Godzilla was abandoned altogether, with director Takao Okawara citing three consecutive films pitting Godzilla against a clone of himself as "too much."[2]

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