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Toho Kingdom
Screenshot of Toho Kingdom's main page taken on May 11, 2017
Languages English
Status Active
Run 1999-Present
Launched 1999

Toho Kingdom (とほ王国,   Toho Ōkoku) is a fan-made website dedicated to Toho Company Ltd. founded in 1999. Toho Kingdom has up-to-date news on what is happening in the world of Toho.


Toho Kingdom's name is a combination of "Toho," the company which it's based around, and "Kingdom." Its Japanese name is とほ王国 (Toho Ōkoku), with the "Toho" part in hiragana (while Toho's is spelled in kanji) so as to avoid any conflict with the design,[1] and the "Kingdom" part in kanji.


Some of the fan-made items on Toho Kingdom are the humorous cartoons by Miles Imhoff called the "Toho Kingdom Toons" (later changed to the "Totally Kool Toons"), and the K.W.C., which are fan-made fights between various monsters.

The website also features reviews of Toho movies, references of Toho movies in popular culture, DVD lists, Monster Bios, book lists, toy reviews, and a forum.


Toho Kingdom was created by Anthony Romero, who has been the site's owner since 1999. Miles Imhoff joined in May of 2005 and was vice president. Chris Mirjahangir is executive director of the site, and mainly contacts companies like Atari, IDW Publishing, and Legendary Pictures for interviews, information, and content. Thomas Singleton joined on November of 2003 and mainly did work on the K.W.C. section of Toho Kingdom. Nicholas Driscoll joined in April of 2007, and mostly did reviews. Christian Salabert joined in October of 2007, and contributed to the K.W.C. section. Matthew Mikell joined in January of 2008 and is the site's main translator. Alexander Smith joined in December of 2011 and contributes reviews. Joshua Sudomerski joined in February of 2013 and helps with video game information. Noah Percival joined in March of 2014, helping with podcasts. Patrick Galvan joined in May of 2014, and adds reviews to Toho Kingdom.[2]

Past staff members include James Webster, Forrest Freund, Guy Mariner Tucker, J.L. Carrozza, Ray Hardwick, Steve Johnson, and Dillon Fisher.[3]


Toho Kingdom was started by Anthony Romero in 1999, being hosted by Homestead. In 2002, the site got its own domain, and a year later in 2003, Toho Kingdom launched the Toho Kingdom Forums. Also in 2003, Toho Company, Ltd. became aware of the site and asked Toho Kingdom to remove their logo from any unlicensed material. The years afterward were uneventful for the most part, and allowed for the site's content to be improved upon by the site's staff.[1]





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