Godzilla: Pashislot Wars

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Godzilla: Pashislot Wars
Godzilla: Pashislot Wars Title
Developer Sammy
Publisher Sammy
Platforms Pachislot
Languages Japanese
Genre Casino

Godzilla: Pachislot Wars is a video game released in 2007, developed and published by Sammy as a Pachislot unit.


This game follows CR Godzilla 3S-T Battle' basic formula as a gambling game that uses a mix of live-action and digital monsters but for the Pachislot rather than the Pachinko.

Instead of using a singular lever or button to determine if the slots spin or where they lands, Pachislot games have three buttons which control a column and can be pressed by the player to stop the spin. This adds more skill into the games than other slot machines which use luck for the most part.

Promotional DVD

A small amount of footage was shot for this game to be promoted. These scenes were filmed using the KiryuGoji suit. A campaign was started by individuals working on this game to try to brainstorm how to advertise the title and create "realistic" reactions on a human scale for Godzilla's size and destructive power. Some examples of their stunts include standing in front of over a dozen blowing fans and being locked in an isolated room that was being twirled by a crane.


Pachislot is derived from game consoles such as slot machines and Corinthian games from the United States.[1]



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