Godzilla: Giant Monsters All-Out Typing Attack (2001)

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Godzilla: Giant Monsters
All-Out Typing Attack
The box art for Godzilla: Giant Monsters All-Out Typing Attack
Developer Profire Co., Ltd.
Publisher TDK Corporation
Platforms IBM PC/AT, NEC PC98-NX[1]
Languages Japanese
Genre Typing game
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Godzilla: Giant Monsters All-Out Typing Attack (ゴジラ 大怪獣総打撃,   Gojira: Daikaijū Sōdageki) is a Japanese computer typing game developed by Profire and published on December 14, 2001 by TDK.[1] A tie-in for Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack, it was released a day before the film. Players take control of one of five incarnations of Godzilla and must type onscreen phrases with their keyboard in order to blast oncoming obstacles and monsters with his atomic breath.


During each stage, various obstacles such as islands, waves, buildings, missiles, and Meganulon will move towards Godzilla, hurting him if they go past the Damage Line. To destroy each obstacle, the player must type in a phrase displayed above it; upon completion, it will be destroyed by Godzilla's atomic breath. There is a time limit of three minutes per stage that, when elapsed, will trigger a boss battle with a monster or vehicle from the movie that the stage is themed around. The boss, represented by a window containing an image with a healthbar above it, will send out icons representing attacks of various types that can be blocked by typing the phrase displayed above them. Allowing them to cross the Damage Line will result in the boss dealing damage to Godzilla. Periodically, Godzilla will be able to attack the boss with his atomic breath, and to inflict damage, another phrase must be typed. If the player fills up the Super Attack meter by successfully blocking enough attacks, then Godzilla can unleash a more powerful version of his atomic breath without the need to type a phrase. After the boss is defeated, the player's results are given.


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  • The game uses the Nihon-shiki system of Japanese romanization, and thus kaijū must be typed as "kaizyuu", Gojira as "Gozira", etc.


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