CR Gamera: The Battle Pachinko

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CR Gamera: The Battle Pachinko
CR Gamera: The Battle Pachinko
Developer Sammy
Publisher Sammy
Platforms Pachinko
Languages Japanese
Genre Casino

CR Gamera: The Battle Pachinko (CRガメラ THE BATTLE PACHINKO,   Shī Aru Gamera Za Batoru Pachinko) is a 2009 Japan-only Pachinko game created by Sammy.




vs. Barugon
vs. Gyaos
vs. Viras + Gamera Roulette
vs. Guiron
vs. Jiger
vs. Zigra
vs. Legion
vs. Iris


  • This game features every monster in the Gamera film series, including redesigns for the Showa era monsters such as Guiron, Jiger, and Viras to fit the aesthetic of the Heisei era.

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