Shin Arima

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Shin Arima
Developer Umabi
Publisher Japan Racing Association
Platforms PC
Languages Japanese
Genre Action

Shin Arima (シン・アリマ) was a video game that served as a collaboration between Shin Godzilla and Arima Kinen, a Grade I flat horse race.


Shin Arima was a free-to-play online game that was up through the month of December 2016 before being taken down. The game, previously located at , is now replaced by a "thank you" page.


The Main Race consists of three anti-Godzilla missions on horseback. The objective is to collect as many canisters of blood coagulant as possible while surviving until the end of each course. The horse gallops forward automatically; the player can direct it only by using the left and right arrow keys and applying brief speed boosts with the space bar (up to five per mission). Godzilla will attempt to step on the player, swing his tail, kick boulders, and fire atomic breath.

In Training Mode, the player's horse competes against other animals to improve its speed, stamina, balance, and concentration. These gains carry over to the Main Race.




Official Trailer


Gameplay recorded on low-end PC (blocked)
Gameplay & commentary by Cr1TiKaL
(in-game text translated via Google Translate)

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