Kong: The Animated Series (2000-2001)

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BKN Logo.png Series
Kong: The Animated Series
Kong: The Animated Series

Air Date September 9, 2000 - March 26, 2001
Produced by BKN International, M6 Metropole Television, Philippine Animation Studio, Inc., Ellipseanime
Distributed by BKN International
Channel BKN (Original run), Fox Kids, Jetix, TeletoonCA
Genre Animated series
Episodes 40

Kong: The Animated Series is an American animated series starring the monster King Kong, which ran from September 9, 2000 to March 26, 2001.


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Characters & Monsters

  • King Kong
  • Jason Jenkins
  • Eric Tannenbaum IV
  • Dr. Lorna Jenkins
  • Lua
    • Chondar
    • Saura
  • Ramone De La Porta
  • Chiros
  • Rakhir
  • Andre
  • "Howling Jack" Crockett
  • Cyber-Link Mutants
  • Alternate Universe Ominous / Red Ominous (The Renewal)
  • Ancient Atlantean Kong (The Thirteenth Stone)
  • Apatosaurs / Brontosaurs (The Return, Part 1)
  • Badkat (The Return, Part 1)
  • Berserk Plant Life (Green Fear)
  • Billy (Billy)
  • Cave Snake / Cyber-Snake (Primal Power)
  • Cyber-Ant Eater (Master of Souls)
  • Cyber-Coyotes (Sir James Alexander’s Legacy)
  • Cyber-Cockatoo (Green Fear)
  • Cyber-Crocodile (The Sleeping City)
  • Cyber-Dog (Cobra God)
  • Cyber-Eagle (DNA Land)
  • Cyber-Fennec Fox (DNA Land)
  • Cyber-Germen Shepherd (Interview with a Monkey)
  • Cyber-Hyena (Enlil’s Wrath)
  • Cyber-Mandrill (Framed)
  • Cyber-Polar Bear (Blue Star)
  • Cyber-Pteranodon (The Renewal)
  • Cyber-Rat (The Giant Claw Robberies)
  • Cyber-Saber Tooth (Howling Jack)
  • Cyber-Spider Monkey (The Invisible Threat)
  • Cyber-Stegosaurus (Lies)
  • Cyber-Tarantula (Dangerous Melody)
  • Cyber-Thorny Devil (Sacred Songs)
  • Cyber-Triceratops 1 (Howling Jack)
  • Cyber-Triceratops 2 (The Renewal)
  • Cyber-Tyrannosaurus 1 (Howling Jack)
  • Cyber-Tyrannosaurus 2 (Hidden Fears)
  • Cyber-Wild Boar (The Infinity Stone)
  • Evil Kong / Alternative Universe Kong (The Renewal)
  • Giant Kong Island Alligator (Dark Forces Rising)
  • Giant One-Eyed Critter from Saturn (Interview with a Monkey)
  • Gryffin (Night of the Talons)
  • Ice Giant, the (Twilight of the Gods)
  • Jaguar God (Master of Souls)
  • Lava Men, the (Chiros Child)
  • Living Rock Monster (Indian Summer)
  • Locust Guardian / Swarm (Indian Summer)
  • Manticore, the (The Infinity Stone)
  • Mechanical Monster Suit (Howling Jack)
  • Mindcrawler, the (Hidden Fears)
  • Minotaur (Welcome To Ramone's)
  • Naga the Great Fire Cobra (Cobra God)
  • Nessai / Cyber-Nessie (The Aquanauts)
  • Over-sized Fly (Hidden Fears)
  • Pachycephalosaurus / 'Egg Heads' (The Return, Part 2)
  • Plesiosaur (The Thirteenth Stone)
  • Quetzalcoatl (Quetzalcoatl)
  • Renaldo the Komodo Dragon / Cyber-Dragon (Dragon Fire)
  • Servants of Set (The Sleeping City)
  • Set (The Sleeping City)
  • Slothbear / Cyber-Slothbear (The Return, Part 2)
  • Velociraptors (Reborn)
  • Venus Flytrap (Green Fear)
  • Windigo (Windigo)
  • Woolly Mammoth Family
  • Yeti / Cyber-Yeti (Top of the World)


  1. The Return: Part 1
  2. The Return: Part 2
  3. Primal Power
  4. Dark Forces Rising
  5. The Giant Claw Robberies
  6. Dragon Fire
  7. Mistress of the Game
  8. Reborn
  9. The Infinity Stone
  10. Night of the Talons
  11. Howling Jack
  12. The Hidden Fears
  13. The Sleeping City
  14. Top of the World
  15. Master of Souls
  16. Billy
  17. Enlil's Wrath
  18. Indian Summer
  19. Welcome to Ramone's
  20. DNA Land
  21. Curse of the Dragon
  22. Blue Star
  23. Renewal
  24. Chiros' Child
  25. The Aquanauts
  26. Cobra God
  27. Windigo
  28. Dangerous Melody
  29. Green Fear
  30. Twilight of the Gods
  31. Framed
  32. The Invisible Threat
  33. Sir James Alex's Legacy
  34. Lies
  35. Sacred Songs
  36. Apocalypse
  37. Quetzalcoatl
  38. Return to Redwoods
  39. The Thirteenth Stone
  40. Interview with a Monkey


Two direct-to-DVD animated films were made after this series ended, Kong: King of Atlantis in 2005 and Kong: Return to the Jungle in 2007. As reported in Variety, a direct-to-video film was planned for the series as far back as 2000.[1]

Video Games

Two tie-in video games were created for the series, both for the Game Boy Advance. The first one, simply titled Kong: The Animated Series was released in 2002, while the second, Kong: King of Atlantis, was released in 2005 to tie in with the direct-to-DVD animated film of the same name.


  • Scott McNeil - King Kong, Eric "Tann" Tannenbaum IV, Omar, Wu-Chan
  • Kirby Morrow - Jason Jenkins, Frazetti, Rakhir
  • Daphne Goldrick - Dr. Lorna Jenkins
  • Kathy Morse - Dr. Lorna Jenkins
  • Saffron Henderson - Lua
  • David Kaye - Professor Ramon De La Porta
  • Nicole Oliver - Tiger Lucy
  • Paul Dobson - Chiros
  • Pauline Newstone - Harpy
  • Ron Halder - Andre





  • Kong: The Animated Series was created mainly to compete with the other popular contemporary giant monster cartoon, Godzilla: The Series, and managed to stay on the air for the same number of episodes. Both series were ultimately cancelled due to their inability to compete with popular children's anime series such as Pokémon and Digimon.[citation needed] However, Kong: The Animated Series did have reruns aired on Fox Kids long after its cancellation.
  • Kong: The Animated Series is one of three animated series based on King Kong, preceded by The King Kong Show (1966-1969) and succeeded by Kong: King of the Apes (2016). The latter shares some connections with Kong: The Animated Series, due to its production company, 41 Entertainment, splitting off from BKN International. The show's opening theme is actually a remix of the opening from Kong: The Animated Series, and its lead writer, Sean Catherine Derek, wrote for the previous series. Both series also feature protagonists who have known Kong since childhood and frequently refer to him as their "bro."


This is a list of references for Kong: The Animated Series. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

  1. JAZMINES, T. (2000, Nov 06). Television/International: Pasi initiates artists revenue sharing. Variety (Archive: 1905-2000), 380, 65.

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16 months ago
Score 0
The list of the episodes doesn't seem to be in chronological order. Some of them seem to be mixed.

Toa Hydros

20 months ago
Score 0

My Thoughts: Kong: The Animated Series

Though an obvious attempt to cash in on the popularity of Godzilla: The Series, this show was actually one of the better series to come out of the early 2000's. The characters and action scenes were pretty solid, and the concept of humans merging with with animals to become enemies worthy of Kong had potential.

Granted, there were a few flaws: The animation, while hardly the worst I've seen, seemed a bit... phoned in. The main villain, Kyros, could've also been a bigger focus.

Overall, could've been better, but it still could've been A LOT worse. Recommended for curiosity's sake if nothing else.

Green Blob Thing

24 months ago
Score 0
The title card is so bad but I can't stop laughing.

The Boy Who Cried Godzilla

29 months ago
Score 0
First off, I've got to say, that this show is very... Canadian. But with that out of the way, I don't like it as much as Kong: King of the Apes, and that's saying something, considering Danny Kwan.

The Boy Who Cried Godzilla

22 months ago
Score 0
100% retracted. this show is pretty good. and it lacks something K:KotA lacked. Heart.

The Boy Who Cried Godzilla

21 months ago
Score 0
Deeper into the series, my opinion shifts again. K:Kota was silly and goofy and written for children by people who have no clue what children are like. This show, has a firm premise, but lacks focus. From time to time one forgets what the overarching story is. 7/10