The Giant Claw Robberies

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Kong: The Animated Series Episodes
Dark Forces Rising
The Giant Claw Robberies
Dragon Fire
The Giant Claw Robberies
The Giant Claw Robberies
Series Kong: The Animated Series
Episode # 5
Directed by Chuck Patton, Joe Pearson
Written by John J. Semper, Jr.
Romain van Leimt
Air date Unknown

The Giant Claw Robberies is the fifth episode of Kong: The Animated Series.


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The episode opens with a theif entering a museum at night and using a Cyberlink computer to transform into an anthropomorphic cat before stealing a stone tablet. Shortly after, Dr. Lorna Jenkins watched a news report reveal that this had happened in sseveral other places, and that they had abeen dubbed the "Giant Claw Robberies" because of the giant paw prints found outside of the crime scenes. Meanwhile, Jason Jenkins, Lua, and Eric Tannenbaum IV set up at an abandonned shipyard in New York City. This triggers more memories of Kong's base's life, and causes him some distress. They then received a call from Dr. Jenkins about the most recent robbery, and they learn that the next one is in a museum owned by Ramone De La Porta. Tan then called in a few favors and got them invitations to a gallery showing being hosted there that night. Due to none of the party being able to stay at the yard with Kong, they had to lock him in a dry dock which he escaped shortly after their departure. He proceeded to enter the city by swinging across the underside of a bridge, and began climbing a building before entering Central Park and stopping a mugging and interacting with animals in the Central Park Zoo. At the party, the group was captured b guards and brought to the office of Tiger Lucy, an art broker for Tan's parents who now ran De La Porta Enterprises. She sent them back to the party before being sent by De La Porta, with his stolen Cyberlink Computer to a private collector's house to obtain the last tablet. When the group returned to the docks, Kong was back in the cage, but due to Tan's reading a news story about a giant ape saving a man from a mugger, they realized they had been duped. They quickly were given the collector's address by Dr. Jenkins, and Kong was able to engage the thief. Shortly after the fighting began, a henchman of De La Porta's named Omar came armed with a Cyverlink and morphed into an anthropomorphic rat. After ganging up on Kong, the two fled the scene due to incoming law enforcement. While Jason tried to get Kong out of view, Lua went for the tablet which had been thrown aside in the fight, and was arrested in place of the true culprit. Jason and Kong then merged in order to rescue her, and they were able to return safely to Kong Island.




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