The Infinity Stone

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Kong: The Animated Series Episodes
The Infinity Stone
Night of the Talons
The Infinity Stone
The Infinity Stone
Series Kong: The Animated Series
Episode # 9
Directed by Marc Boréal
Written by Katherine Lawrence, Romain Van Liemt
Air date Unknown

The Infinity Stone is the ninth episode of Kong: The Animated Series.


While performing an occult ritual at Stonehenge, A Professor Delvin Mackey was found by Ramone De La Porta who sought his help in researching one of the Primal Stones. On Kong Island, Dr. Lorna Jenkins had been following De La Porta's travels, and deduced that he was trying to do just that. Jenkins however, was concerned that his meeting with Mackey might yield results, as she suspected that he was the last real druid on earth, and may actually be capable of activating the stone. Jason Jenkins, Lua, Tan, and Kong then traveled to England to try to get the Stone back. At Mackey's estate, he deduced that it was a genuine Primal Stone, and De La Porta reported that he believed it to be The stone that controlled life and death, and that whoever was able to use it would be granted eternal life. After hearing Kong outside, Mackey called the police, not knowing what it was, and De La Porta went outside and Merged with a wild boar to fight him. Kong unwittingly crushed the policemen's car, and De La Porta escaped Kong by de-merging in the forest. After the police left, the group contacted Mackey and were invited to a Druidic ritual he would be performing at Stonehenge that night. They sneaked up on the ritual despite their formal invitation, but Kong charged in to stop the professors from awakening the Primal Stone. De La Porta had anticipated this, and merged with a scorpion and Mackey's house cat to become a Cyber-Chimera. Kong was able to defeat him by using the stones as weapons, and caused De La Porta's stolen Cyberlink Computer to fall off while Tan, Lua, and Jason went to stop Mackey. During the ritual, Mackey realized that the stone was not the Immortality Stone, but the Infinity Stone, and because of the ritual he had performed, he was powerless to stop it. De La Porta then revealed that it had been his intention to trick Mackey into destroying Kong, and the Infinity Stone began to suck Kong into "Infinity". Jason and Kong then Merged and their rage allowed them to become Mega Kong and escape the portal and to force it closed. The resulting explosion destroyed Stonehenge, and Kong spent the rest of the night rebuilding it, with assurance from Mackey that any imperfection in its reconstruction would prevent abuse of Stonehenge's power in the future.




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