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Kong: The Animated Series Episodes
Curse of the Dragon
Blue Star
Blue Star
Blue Star
Series Kong: The Animated Series
Episode # 22
Directed by Marc Boréal
Written by Edouard Blanchot,
Philippe Valériola

Blue Star is the twenty-second episode of Kong: The Animated Series.


After noticing that Lua had been acting very strangely, Dr. Jenkins discovers a farewell letter from Lua, and sends Jason and Tan to find her before she does something dangerous. After Kong discovers her unconious they take her back to Kong's lair where she awakens and reveals to them that she has felt a disturbance in the Primal Stones, and that the Blue Star was approaching the earth, and that the Primal Stones would disrupt its path, causing destruction on the Earth. Lua then recounts a dream, in which her ancestors, who had created the Primal Stones, told her that the secret of the star was buried in ice, after Lua's reaching out to them for guidance. Dr. Jenkins then theorizes that their answers lie in the lost city of Ultimathuul. They then remember that one of their guest speakers from University, named Professor Johannson of Reykjavik, Iceland had done extensive work on Ultimathuul, and they contact him for leads. On noticing a location behind the professor on their video call that matches what Lua saw in her vision, They travel to Greenland, to a geographic formation known as "The Teeth of the Bear". Before they can begin their excavation, Kong pauses to watch some blue whales before the team sees whalers land on the shore. They fight the whalers off, but they report to Andre, the former arms dealer turned poacher, who prepares to return for the whales with more men. After Kong discovers the sealed door to Ultimathuul, she remarks that the door is marked with Atlantean glyphs, but she cannot figure out how to open it while Andre arrives in his submarine. The team deals with Andre to ensure that there is no trouble between them, and they promise that the poachers may have whatever treasure they find behind the door in the ice. After Lue opens the door, they enter an empty Atlantean city, where Andre steals Jason's Cyber-Link Computer, accidentally releases Kong, and escapes, where he realizes that the Arctic lakes should be frozen, but the fact that they are not reveals an underwater access point to the cavern. Lua discovers a blue star shaped statue, and reveals that she knows that the Atlanteans were descended from the people of Ultimathuul, however before she can elaborate, Andre returns, and merges with a Polar Bear he found outside to battle Kong. Kong knocks the Cyber-Link off of the Cyber-Bear and it sinks in the surrounding pools before Andre and his men escape. Lua then reveals that by using the Star statue, crafted by her ancestors from a piece of the Blue Star comet to resonate with the Primal Stones and deflect it, she can prevent the impending cataclysm, but may destroy the City of Ice. She begins to sing, and the whales, referred to in her vision as "the silent tribe" sing along, before the statue launches a bolt of light into the sky and the cavern housing the city begins to collapse. The whales help them escape, and the comet is deflected.





  • This episode features the original title card.
  • This episode features Kong excavating in the Arctic Circle, a possible reference to his having done just this in King Kong Escapes.


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