Eric Tannenbaum IV

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Eric Tannenbaum IV
Eric Tannenbaum IV
Species Human
Nationality American
Aliases Tann
Occupation Archaeology Student
Related to Eric Tannenbaum III (Father)
Erin Tannenbaum (Mother)
Eric Tannenbaum II (Grandfather)
First appearance Kong: The Animated Series
Played by Scott McNeil

Eric "Tan" Tannenbaum IV is a protagonist in the 2000 Animated television program Kong: The Animated Series.


Kong: The Animated Series

The Return: Part 1

Eric Tannenbaum was a student with Jason Jenkins, studying under Ramone De La Porta, and flew them to Kong Island in the plane he bought after his grandfather's trust funds kicked in, which made him more wealthy than his already well-off father. On the island, They met with Jenkins' grandmother, and were betrayed by De La Porta, who stole her research.

The Return: Part 2

After De La Porta kidnapped Dr. Lorna Jenkins, Eric and the others travelled the island with Kong to find her.

Primal Power

Eric then helped to search the island for De La Porta, and was unable to assist Jason Jenkins in retrieving the Primal Stones that he stole. De La Porta then escaped the island with most of the stones in Eric's plane.

Dark Forces Rising

Because De La Porta removed most of the Primal Stones, Eric, Jason, and Lua began to dredge the the river for the seal of Chiros, a mystical seal that kept the god Chiros from destroying Kong Island alongside the Primal Stones. Unknown to them, Harpy already had the Seal, and Eric, Jason, Lua, and Kong had to stop the resurrection ceremony.

The Giant Claw Robberies

Eric and the others were sent to New York City to investigate a series of robberies of stone tablets about the Primal Stones. The began their search at an art gallery hosted by De La Porta, and Eric was able to call in a few favors to get the team invited. At the party, Eric recognized an old Art Broker who worked for his parents named Tiger Lucy. She informed Tan that she now ran De La Potra's companies, but other than that the party was a dead end. They were then given the address of the final tablet, where Kong fought Tiger Lucy, who had Cybverlink merged with a cat. When law enforcement arrived, Lucy fled and Lua was framed for the robberies. Tan then stood watch outside the police station to give Jason and Kong the signal to break Lua out.



  • Eric Tannenbaum IV is allergic to pineapple.


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