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Onimous in The Hidden Fears
Onimous in Reborn
Red Onimous in Renewal
Forms Statue, Organic, Red
Controlled by Chiros
Allies Chiros, Harpy
Enemies Kong
First appearance Kong: The Animated Series
Episode 4: Dark Forces Rising

Onimous is a sentient statue monster that first appeared in episode 4 of the 2000 animated series, Kong: The Animated Series titled Dark Forces Rising.


Onimous is a bulky creature with quadrupedal and bipedal abilities. Onimous has muscular arms and five fingered hands, but its hind legs are more reptilian, with three claws and a dewclaw on each. Onimous has three eyes, and one pointed horn on the top of its head, accompanied by two flat-topped ear-like protrusions. It has two color schemes that vary depending on whether or not it is being controlled by Chiros. While possessed, Onimous is primarily brown in color with pale-green hands, pectoral muscles, and face with red eyes. When Onimous is in its organic form it becomes much more colorful, with a red snout, yellow eyes, and a primarily green body with blue horns and pectoral muscles. Onimous also sports tattoos on both of its shoulders.


Onimous was a servant of Chiros, and his most fearsome warrior during his initial attack on Atlantis. After his fall, he became a wall carving in his temple.


Kong: The Animated Series

Dark Forces Rising

After Ramone De La Porta removed most of the Primal Stones from Kong Island, Harpy was able to escape her statue form and begin to search for the seal of Chiros, which would bring she and Onimous' master back to full power. After searching the island and locating the seal, Harpy returned to the Temple of Chiros to find that Lua was there and was preparing to seal Chiros away again with the remaining Primal Stones. Harpy quickly cast a spell on the shaman in order to use her power in resurrecting Chiros. Harpy took Lua and the seal of Chiros to the volcano where her master was prophesied to rise again and began the ritual. She was quickly interrupted by Kong, and she sent her minions after him so that she could continue. When he had finished her minions, and Lua had been freed by her friends, Harpy attempted to fight Kong, but was quickly swatted away. Much to Harpy's pleasure, Kong then threw the seal into the lava, which would allow him to return to power. Back up in his temple, Chiros was not powerful enough to leave the temple, but did possess Onimous in his statue form to fight Kong. Onimous did not reach his full organic state due to the bodily possession, and Chiros was defeated by Mega Kong and left Onimous' body. Onimous remained in statue form, but Harpy was able to fly away.


After sensing that his age old rivals King and Queen as Rahni and Uulak of Atlantis had been reborn in the bodies of Lua and Eric Tannenbaum IV, Chiros sent Onimous and Harpy to apprehend them before they used the power of the Great Crystal to destroy him. When they located the reborn royals, Harpy descended from the ceiling with a horde of ApBats and took advantage of the Atlanteans attacking their other rival Jason Jenkins over the possession of the bodies they had inserted their consciousnesses into, and attacked them both from above. The humans formed a truce, and they were able to defeat all of the ApBats, and Kong managed to grab Harpy out of the air and fling her at the temple wall so hard that she disintegrated into dust. Onimous then dropped in to join the fight and the humans attempted to use the Great Crystal against him, but the concentrated life force of the beam only powered Onimous up. Kong then Merged with Jenkins and destroyed the Great Crystal. He then quickly sent Onimous hurtling into a wall, where he melted into liquid.

The Hidden Fears

After Kong was poisoned with Mindcrawler venom, Onimous was called to lay siege to his lair. When he arrived, he was faced with Jason Jenkins as a Cyber-Tyrannosaurus. Onimous quickly defeated Jenkins by punching him so hard that he was forced to come un-merged and the Tyrannosaurus retreated. By that time Kong had recovered and and came to battle and punched Onimous in the face. Harpy then called for them to retreat.


In an alternate dimension, a Red Onimous was used an an opponent for Kong in a test of his worthiness to be the Protector of Kong Island. Kong ultimately decided to battle Red Onimous instead of saving some stranded dinosaurs. Despite Onimous' best efforts he was defeated and dropped into a ravine.


Physical Strength

Onimous showcases immense physical strength, greater than that of Kong's

Life Force Absorption

When theoretically destructive life force is aimed at Onimous, he receives a power boost.


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