Kong: King of Atlantis (2005)

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Kong: King of Atlantis
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Kong: King of Atlantis
The North American DVD cover for Kong: King of Atlantis
Directed by Patrick Archibald
Producer Allen Bohbot
Written by Sean Catherine Derek
Music by Allen Bohbot
Distributor Warner Home Video
Rating Unrated
Running time 68 minutes
(1 hour, 8 minutes)
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Kong: King of Atlantis is a 2005 animated giant monster film produced by BKN International, and a tie-in to Kong: The Animated Series. It was released to DVD by Warner Home Video on November 22, 2005.


Kong is shown climbing up the Empire State Building as an underwater city is rising above the ground, engulfing New York City in ocean by a eclipse when it's revealed to be a nighmarish vision by the shaman Lua who awakes to find Kong safe and still on Kong on Island. Lua believes that the prophecy of doom has begun, confirming it when discovering a real solor eclipse causing a giant sun dial to turn. Jason Jenkins and Eric "Tan" Tannebaum discover the tar pits around the island after Jason uses Kong to save the a cave bear cub from the pit, which emits tentrils grabing onto Jason, but fails to save the mother, seemingly consumed by the pit. Lua arrives to tell Kong to come with her but refuses to tell Jason and Tan what is happening, causing them to argue and try to convince Kong to side with them, but Kong gets frustrated and leaves. Unknown to everyone, a drone came out of the tar pit obserbing them, revealed to be Queen Reptilla, who rules over the lost city of Atlantis and believes that the new Kong will finally bring them back to power. She sends her servant Lord Sycophis to collect Kong, who tells him that he is the lost king of Atlantis and should return to reclaim his throne, promising him more power and land than on Kong Island, who accepts.

Lua finally tells both Jason and Tan about how the original first Kong was the ruler of Atlantis before his demise, who sank atlantis to save the rest of the world from Queen Reptilla, and if they dont stop the sun dial from turning a whole circle, Atlantis will rise to the surface again. They return to the sun dial and try to push it to no avail. Knowing that Kong is the only one who would be able to push it, they search for him and find the trail to a large tar pit. They are taken into the pit via tentrils and fall into a whirlpool as Atlantis starts to rise around the Island, landing below the suface of Atlantis.

Meanwhile, Kong comes into conflict with rebels ambushing them, confused as to why Kong would be on the Queen's side, after being convinced that they are enemies, Kong overpowers them with the help of the Queen's army and the rebels retreat, the leader of the rebels is shot, telling Kong that he's an imposter who would know who his real friends were, and escapes. Kong is then taken to the palace where the Queen resides. Kong is greeted to applause and sits on the throne with enjoyment of his new found place as Reptila calls for the coronation to get ready. Jason and the others wake up to find themselves discovered by the rebels, one of them being a human female named Zela, who Tan takes an interest in. Claiming that they are friends of Kong, the Leader says that they are enemies as the Kong they saw is evil and plans to destroy him. Lua tells them that Kong wouldn't do that, figuring out that he was tricked into coming down. Zela takes the gang to the palace before Kong can be cornoated king. They're able to find Kong but are caught by Sycophis and calls for security, while the bear cub runs away unnoticed. Jason tries to warn Kong of the real intenions behind Reptilla's plan but ignores him after being convinced by Reptilla how they never grateful. Jason tries to link with Kong but he rejects him, and is taken with the others to a cell to be slaves for Reptilla. They find that the slaves including the captured Chandar who was taken by the tar pits earlier. All of which have mind bands which control the minds of everyone to the queens wishes. One of which is the crown that will be used for the coronation of Kong to control him under Reptilla. As Kong reflects on everything that has transpired, Jason and Lua make up over their argument earlier. The bear cub finds the keys to the lock on their cell and escape.

Before the crown be put on Kong, the rebels attack the palace delaying the coronation. Jason and the other find the mother bear mind controled at the gate to the palace. Jason tries to get the device off, calling Kong's name, in which Kong hears and follows and scares the mother away. Reptilla orders Kong to destroy the rebels and his friends but after threatening him along with Jason telling him the truth, he sides with the revels and procedes to kill Sycophis and joins the battle against the Queen. Reptilla sends in her armored Tyranno-Guards to deal with Kong, who get the better of him. Jason merges with Kong and takes out the guards but Reptilla sends three more to fight Kong, being overwhemed in the process. However after getting enraged, turns into Mega Kong and makes quick work of the guards. Reptilla's control on everyone is broken and her servant turn on her. Kong and the others head to the sun dial to turn it and make way to return to the surface with all the other animals from Kong Island, and Tan says goodbye to Zela. Everyone makes it back to the Island back in order. Lua apoligises to Kong who forgives her as Jason remarks how they all grew today as Kong doesn't have to prove himself to anyone. At the edge of a cliff, Kong beats his chest and roars.


Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Patrick Archibald
  • Written by   Sean Catherine Derek
  • Executive producing by   Allen Bohbot
  • Music by   Allen Bohbot


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Kirby Morrow   as   Jason Jenkins (voice)
  • Scott McNeil   as   Eric Tannenbaum IV / Kong / Minion
  • Saffron Henderson   as   Lua (voice)
  • Daphne Goldrick   as   Queen Reptilla (voice)
  • Paul Dobson   as   Sycophis / Rebel Leader (voice)
  • Pauline Newstone   as   Zela (voice)
  • Jerome O'Donohoe   as   Additional Voices
  • Simon Smyth   as   Additional Voices
  • Zeppo Patmore   as   Additional Voices
  • Naomi Dara Storm Freedman   as   Additional Voices



  • King Kong
  • Queen Reptilla
  • Lord Sycophis
  • Minion
  • Baby Cave Bear
  • Mother Cave Bear
  • Living Tar
  • Royal Fireflies
  • Tyranno-Guards


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Alternate titles

  • King Kong (Brazil)
  • Kong - The King of Atlantis (Kong - O Rei de Atlantis; Brazil)

Video releases

Warner Home Video DVD (2005)

  • Region: 1
  • Discs: 1
  • Audio: English, Spanish, French
  • Special features: None
  • Notes: Includes Spanish and French subtitles.



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