Monster Seafood Wars (2020)

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Monster Seafood Wars
The Japanese poster for Monster Seafood Wars
Alternate titles
Flagicon Japan.png Three Monsters Gourmet (2020)
See alternate titles
Directed by Minoru Kawasaki
Producer(s) Minoru Kawasaki
Written by Minoru Kawasaki (story, screenplay),
Migita Masakazu (screenplay),
Eiji Tsuburaya (original story)
Distributor Pal Entertainments[1]
Rating GJP[1]
Running time 84 minutes[1]
Aspect ratio 16:9
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You'd be a baka uma to eat these monsters!! (この怪獣、食べたらバカウマ!!)
Squid, octopus and crab monsters turn the National Stadium into a seafood bowl!!

— Tagline

Monster Seafood Wars (三大怪獣グルメ,   San Daikaijū Gurume, lit. Three Monsters Gourmet) is a tokusatsu kaiju film co-produced by Dentsu, Takeshobo, Mobacon, Pal Entertainments and Rivertop. Loosely based on an unmade film featuring a giant octopus which was proposed by Eiji Tsuburaya prior to production of Godzilla,[2] it was released to Japanese theaters on June 6, 2020, becoming the first kaiju film of the new decade. Its international premiere took place at the virtual Fantasia Festival on August 20, 2020.[3] SRS Cinema will release it on Blu-ray and VHS in North America in early 2021.[4]


Yuta, a young master at the Tsukiji Fish Market, accidentally drops his meal of mixed seafood into the Sumida River. Some time afterwards a gigantic mutated squid monster arises from the depths and begins to wreak havoc upon an awe-stricken Tokyo. Attempts by the Japan Self-Defense Forces to stop the creature prove futile. As it seems things couldn’t get any worse an enormous mutant octopus monster emerges from the deep and heads into a clash of the titans with the gargantuan squid!

As a last ditch effort, the government forms the “Seafood Monster Attack Team (SMAT)” and an all-new plan of attack is immediately put into action. But just as the tide appears to be turning in humanity’s favor, a colossal crab monster appears, joining in the Monster Seafood Wars and plunging the world into culinary chaos…[2]


Principal photography of Monster Seafood Wars took place in September of 2019, while filming of special effects sequences began that October.[2]


Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Minoru Kawasaki
  • Supervised by   Masayuki Kusumi
  • Written by   Migita Masakazu, Minoru Kawasaki
  • Based on a story by   Eiji Tsuburaya
  • Executive producer   Minoru Kawasaki
  • Director of special effects   Minoru Kawasaki


  • Keisuke Ueda
  • Ayano Yoshida Christie
  • Yuya Asato
  • Shojiro Yokoi
  • Reon Kurosaki
  • Gota Ihashi
  • Satoshi Kobayashi
  • Hikomaro
  • Paradise Yamamoto
  • Ukulele Eiji
  • Kei Grant
  • Asato Izumi
  • HEY! TakuChan
  • Tomotaka Imamichi
  • Yasuhiro Takeda
  • KoreKore
  • Terumi Yoshida
  • Hide Fukumoto
  • Tenshin Yamamoto
  • Toru Muranishi
  • Eiichi Kikuchi
  • Masami Horiuchi
  • Ryo Kinomoto
  • Masayuki Kusumi



  • Takkora
  • Ikara
  • Kanira


Main article: Monster Seafood Wars/Gallery.

Alternate titles

  • Three Monsters Gourmet (literal Japanese title; alternate English title[5])
  • Monster Gourmet (alternate English title)
  • Monster Cuisine (alternate English title)[2]

Theatrical releases

Video releases

Takeshobo Blu-ray + DVD (2020)[6]

  • Region: A/1 (Blu-ray) and 2 (DVD)
  • Discs: 2
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: Unknown
  • Special features: Blu-ray: Audio commentary by Minoru Kawasaki, Keisuke Ueda, and Ayano Yoshida Christie; behind-the-scenes featurette (10-15 minutes); and trailer. DVD: Additional behind-the-scenes featurette (length unknown) and stage greetings (approximately 60 minutes). An acrylic stand is also included.

Takeshobo DVD (2020)[7]

  • Region: 2
  • Discs: 1
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: Unknown
  • Special features: Unknown

SRS Cinema VHS (2021)[4]

  • Tapes: 1
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

SRS Cinema Blu-ray (2021)[4]

  • Region: N/A
  • Discs: 1
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English
  • Special features: Unknown

Manga adaptation

On September 30, 2019, a Monster Seafood Wars web comic illustrated by Nobuyuki Hori began being released through Web Comic Gamma. It concluded on January 20, 2020 after 6 episodes:

 1. "Giant Monsters Appear!!" 巨大怪獣現る!!
 2. "The Giant Crab's Attack!!" 巨大蟹猛襲!!
 3. "Exquisite! The Monster Feast" 絶品!怪獣食の宴
 6. "God Only Knows" 神のみぞ知る


Monster Seafood Wars trailer


  • The Seafood Monster Attack Team is likely named after the Monster Attack Team from Return of Ultraman, though the former is spelled in katakana rather than kanji.
  • Monster Seafood Wars may serve as an homage to the 1970 film, Space Amoeba, as it features giant squid and crab monsters similar to Gezora and Ganimes. Promotional art for the film even seems to reference Space Amoeba's theatrical poster, with Ikara flipping Kanira over his head, similar to the poses pulled by Gezora and Kamoebas.
  • In one concept illustration, the Seafood Monsters' appearances are based directly off anthropomorphic animal characters from two of director Minoru Kawasaki's previous films, The Calamari Wrestler (2004)[8] and Kani Goalkeeper (2006)[9].

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