Showdown! Cosmic Trailblaze Saga of Heroes (2024)

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Showdown! Cosmic
Trailblaze Saga of Heroes
Japanese key art for Showdown! Cosmic Trailblaze Saga of Heroes
Directed by Hiroshi Butsuda
Producer Kana Terashima
Production companies AOI Pro., Tokusatsu Lab
Distributor miHoYo
Running time 3 minutes
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Showdown! Cosmic Trailblaze Saga of Heroes (決戦!大宇宙開拓豪侠伝,   Kessen! Daiuchū Kaitaku Gōkyō-den) is a Japanese tokusatsu kaiju short film directed by Hiroshi Butsuda as an April Fools' Day tie-in for Chinese company miHoYo's 2023 gacha video game Honkai: Star Rail. Produced by AOI Pro. with special effects produced by the Tokusatsu Lab, it is presented as a trailer to a fictional movie, in which a giant version of Honkai series character Homu attacks a city. Homu is confronted by a similarly-giant Pom-Pom from Star Rail, who is later integrated into the giant robot Ultima Primus, an original character. The short was released on the Honkai: Star Rail YouTube channels in various languages on April 1, 2024.


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Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Hiroshi Butsuda
  • Account executive   Xinmu Mao[a]
  • Produced by   Kana Terashima
  • Line producer   Susumu Nakayama
  • Unit production manager   Mitsuomi Imai
  • Special effects production manager   Yuichi Takayanagi
  • Cinematography by   Junpei Okamoto
  • First assistant camera   Kei Uchida
  • Second assistant camera   Yoki Naito
  • Third assistant camera   Yuji Kakizawa
  • Lighting by   Yutaka Yamasaki
  • Best boy electric   Daiki Shikamori
  • Lead editor   Ayaka Sugawara
  • Offline editor   Shokichi Kaneda
  • Online editor   Masakazu Nishihara
  • Production design by   Kaori Matsuura
  • First art assistant   Hajime Takahashi
  • Second art assistant   Shunsuke Hasegawa
  • First assistant director   Ryotaro Kogushi
  • Second assistant director   Satoshi Hashimoto
  • Physical effects by   Hiroyuki Wada
  • First assistant FX technician   Hitomi Takahashi
  • Second assistant FX technician   Yu Kawamura
  • Suits manager   Yutaka Yokoi
  • Suits modeled by   Kazumori Kawazu
  • Stunt performers   Shinsuke Kusano, Naoko Kamio, Kayo Kaneko
  • Backup stunt performers   Masato Tsutamune, Shogo Teramoto, Takuma Komori, Mutsumi Igarashi, Shiho Nakamura
  • Visual effects animators   Tomotaka Miwa, Kosuke Isoda, Akimasa Imai, Ryota Watanabe, Takumi Katsumata, Shigeru Ueta, Yui Nagataki
  • Behind-the-scenes videographers   Kyohei Kikkawa, Kenichi Kogure


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

English dub

  • Christine Sposato   as   Pom-Pom/Ultima Primus[2]

Chinese dub

  • Jiang Li   as   Pom-Pom/Ultima Primus[3]

Korean dub

  • Yun Ayeong   as   Pom-Pom/Ultima Primus[4]



Weapons, vehicles, races, and organizations

  • Unnamed defense force
  • Imaginary Intra-Kinetic Portable Tactical Laser Cannon


Full short (Japanese)
Full short (English)
Full short (Chinese)
Full short (Korean)



  1. Approximated as "executive producer" in the English-translated credits.


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