God Raiga vs. King Ohga: War of the Monsters (2019)

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Deep Sea Monster Series films
Raiga: God of the Monsters
God Raiga vs. King Ohga: War of the Monsters
God Raiga vs. King Ohga:
War of the Monsters
The Japanese poster for God Raiga vs. King Ohga: War of the Monsters
Alternate titles
Flagicon Japan.png Deep Sea Monster Raiga vs.
Lava Beast Ohga
See alternate titles
Directed by Shinpei Hayashiya
Producer Shinpei Hayashiya, Atsuko Tsunakawa
Written by Shinpei Hayashiya
Music by Keiichiro Kitazono, Rengoku Kozou
Distributor SRS CinemaUS
Running time 84 minutes
(1 hour, 24 minutes)
Aspect ratio 16:9
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An invincible sea god? A subterranean king? A great battle that shakes the whole of Japan! (無敵の海神か?地底の王か?日本全土をゆるがす大決戦!)
The super clash of two giant monsters!

— Tagline

God Raiga vs. King Ohga: War of the Monsters (深海獣雷牙 対 溶岩獣王牙,   Shinkaijū Raiga tai Yōganjū Ōga, lit. Deep Sea Monster Raiga vs. Lava Beast Ohga) is an independent tokusatsu kaiju film authored by Shinpei Hayashiya. The third film of Hayashiya's "Deep Sea Monster Series," it is a followup to the 2009 film Raiga: God of the Monsters. The film premiered at a Kadokawa event on May 7, 2019,[1] and was released on home video in North America by SRS Cinema in early 2020.[2]


Three years after his campaign against Raiga, Commander Kito leads his subordinates into their new base, which is disguised as a toilet in Atami Castle. In Tokyo, the Prime Minister summons First Secretary Handa, who reveals that a ground gap discovered beneath Atami indicates a kaiju will attack soon. Kito, as he did in Asakura, is sure to devastate the city with his counterattack. He sees an opportunity for the Prime Minister to complete his pet casino project during the rebuilding efforts. The JSDF soon detects two enormous heat signatures in the Atami area.

Handa encourages Counselor Kohara to let Kito have free reign during the coming battle. A subterranean monster, Ohga, derails a Shinkansen in Atami, followed by a Bone Fish attack during a fireworks show. Kito mobilizes his troops after seeing a video of Ohga on the news, and the beast heads towards Raiga, who has made landfall at Sun Beach. Two CIA agents attempt to contact them with information, only to find none of them speak English, and head to Atami in an Osprey. As police and emergency responders struggle to evacuate Atami, Kohara arrives and encourages Kito to raze the city. Kito's subordinates, Nakagawa and Miyazaki, are aghast, but he is all too eager to launch an all-out attack, starting with the battleship Atami Samurai. Neither monster is affected, and Raiga quickly sinks the ship. Ohga dispatches a tank column with a shower of sparks, while Raiga rampages through the city. A new Kamikaze tank targets Ohga with an electric cannon, but the monster's light-bending abilities foil it. One of Kito's old friends, Yasuda, offers him use of a top secret drill-nosed mine excavator, Gokumei II. Following Ohga underground, it draws blood with its laser, but the monster smashes it just before it can fire a Tomahawk missile. A Gatling Robot attacks next, and Ohga destroys the CIA agents' Osprey in the ensuing firefight. Raiga and Ohga clash near Atami Castle, but neither emerges victorious, and they depart the city.

The next day, Kohara is demoted for failing to prevent the Gokumei's deployment, while the prime minister's casino project proceeds as planned. Kito and his troops travel to the Minato Defense Force base beneath Tokyo Tower, where Tomo, the Prime Minister's mistress, enlists his help in stopping the next kaiju attack. When Raiga and Ohga attack Tokyo, they counter with two remote-controlled Octopus tanks. Their electric pulses seemingly stop Raiga, but he soon regains his footing and obliterates them with his own lightning. Ohga endures ramming attacks by Shinkansen loaded with explosives. Raiga and Ohga clash again as Kito, Nakagawa, and Miyazaki join the battle on foot. Kito is prepared to detonate a Plasma Photon Bomb beneath the monsters in the hopes of killing them both. Samejima Special Forces support him with a howitzer and the shark-shaped NI-26 Amphibious Combat Vehicle. Kito is injured during the chaos, and Miyazaki offers to detonate the bomb instead. Terrified of the kaiju, he leaves it 100 meters from their position. The resulting explosion kills all of the soldiers, Raiga, Ohga, and the Prime Minister, but the radioactive fallout creates a new monster: Kuga. He attacks Honolulu, Hawaii, and is opposed by the earth monster Dias, who bursts out of a nearby volcano.


Note: God Raiga vs. King Ohga: War of the Monsters does not have opening or end credits.

Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.


Note: God Raiga vs. King Ohga: War of the Monsters does not have opening or end credits.

Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Makoto Inamiya   as   Commander Kito
  • Anko Hayashiya   as   Nakagawa
  • Wasabi Yanagiya   as   Miyazaki
  • Isamu Ago   as   First Secretary Handa
  • Shocho Shunputei   as   Special Forces commander Samejima
  • Hanji Yanagiya   as   Colonel Arai
  • Tamanosuke Gomeiro
  • Kyotaro Yanagiya   as   Ministry of Defense Counselor Kohara
  • Bunzaemon Tachibanaya   as   Japanese Prime Minister
  • Hikoichi Hayashiya   as   Yasuda
  • Tokin Sanyutei   as   Yoshida
  • Pikkari Shunputei   as   Minato Defense Force soldier
  • Kagome Yanagiya
  • Kazuo Egumi
  • Emi Nix   as   Captain Emi
  • Tomo Nix   as   Tomo
  • Zui Nishikawa   as   Nishikawa
  • Ikkin Yanagiya
  • Muyo Ito
  • Daisuke Narita
  • Kentaro Yoshiike
  • Torataro Izuka
  • Kenji Tanokura
  • Sanko Yanagiya
  • Aroha Nangokutei
  • Dankan
  • Atsuko Tsunakawa
  • Kinako Hayashiya
  • Shinpei Hayashiya
  • Mark Jaramillo, David Hall   as   CIA agents
  • Robert Scott Field   as   Onlooker in Honolulu
  • Jessica Etchells
  • Kyle Yount   as   Soldier
  • Arare Hayashiya, Hiromichi Ebata   as   Raiga
  • Yutaka Arai, Naofumi Kanamori   as   Ohga



Weapons, vehicles and races


Principal photography on God Raiga vs. King Ohga: War of the Monsters took place years before its completion, as Shinpei Hayashiya uploaded the first trailer to his YouTube channel on June 22, 2015.[3] At the earliest, it was shot in 2014, as indicated by a poster for the Atami Sea Fireworks Festival hung in Kito's base.


Main article: God Raiga vs. King Ohga: War of the Monsters/Gallery.

Alternate titles

  • Deep Sea Monster Raiga vs. Lava Beast Ohga (literal Japanese title and American VHS title)
  • Raiga vs. Ogha (Japanese English title)
  • Raiga vs. Ohga: The War of the Monsters (Japanese poster title)


Writing for DoBlu, Matt Poprocki panned God Raiga vs. King Ohga: War of the Monsters, calling it "outright incoherent. Post-production effects slather the screen in fake fire, swirls, distortion, and other techniques as to make action impossible to follow. Hasty composites place monsters against real backdrops, other times in poorly disguised still images."[4]

Video releases

SRS Cinema VHS (2020)

  • Tapes: 1
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English
  • Notes: Limited to 50 copies.

SRS Cinema Blu-ray/DVD (2020/2021)

  • Region: N/A
  • Discs: 1
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English
  • Special features: Optional "Filmlook" filter and trailers on the Blu-ray. The bonus features on the DVD are unknown.

SRS Cinema Blu-ray (2022) [Reigo, Raiga, Ohga: Giant Monsters Attack]



Japanese trailer #1
Japanese trailer #2
Japanese trailer #3
Japanese trailer #4
Japanese trailer #5
American trailer


Ohga maquette test footage



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