Godzilla vs. the Tigers (2022)

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Godzilla vs. the Tigers
The poster for Godzilla vs. the Tigers
Directed by Toshifumi Shimizu
Producer Go Miyazaki
Music by Michiru Oshima (stock)
Distributor Toho
Running time 1 minute, 22 seconds;
2 minutes, 34 seconds (extended)
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Awakening of the tiger warrior (虎戦士覚醒)

— Tagline

Godzilla vs. the Tigers (ゴジラVSタイガース,   Gojira buiesu Taigāsu) is a 2022 short film directed by Toshifumi Shimizu for April Fools' Day. It is presented as a trailer for a nonexistent movie starring players of the Hanshin Tigers, a Nippon Professional Baseball team. When Godzilla suddenly attacks Koshien Stadium, the Tigers must use the giant robot Toraryu, a parody of Kiryu based on the Tigers' real-life mascot To-Lucky, to stop him. Both shorter and extended versions of the "trailer" were uploaded to the Godzilla Channel YouTube channel on March 31, 2022 (April 1 in Japanese time).

A merchandise campaign was launched in conjunction with the short and included limited-edition T-shirts and other goods, as well as an exclusive repaint of the Movie Monster Series Godziham-kun.[1]


Godzilla has suddenly appeared. Amidst the destruction, it is reported that he is advancing toward the Koshien. In order to protect the sacred Koshien from Godzilla, the Toraryu Squad "Tigers" decide to launch the ultimate anti-Godzilla superweapon Toraryu (MechaTo-Lucky), which was developed in secret below the Koshien. This top-secret MT Development Project was deemed to be too dangerous, and thus remained incomplete. Ryutaro Umeno takes up the post of commander-in-chief against Godzilla, Yusuke Oyama independently investigates the mystery of Godzilla, Koji Chikamoto is the developer of MechaTo-Lucky, and Teruaki Sato boards MechaTo-Lucky as its pilot. As the winds of the Rokko Mountains rage on, each of them must face the destinies at the ends of their conflicts and battles... what will be the outcome of the match between Godzilla and the Tigers? A life-or-death championship with a full cast of Hanshin Tigers players is about to begin!![2]


Note: The short does not contain credits, but a credits list can be found on its official website.[3]

Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Toshifumi Shimizu
  • Produced by   Go Miyazaki
  • Assistant producer   Mayumi Yanagihara
  • Stock music by   Michiru Oshima (uncredited)
  • Sound effects by   Yutaka Tominaga
  • Audio post-production by   Takashi Muramatsu
  • Cinematography by   Tomoji Ikeda, Naoki Wakabayashi, Michitaka Yamana
  • Special effects cinematographer   Keiichi Sakurai
  • Production design by   Kohei Sugiyama
  • Production managers   Junichi Fujikawa, Matsutaro Tsuruga, Ryuji Ofuna, Shogo Kiyosu
  • Production assistants   Ryotaro Koike, Taichiro Kubota
  • Edited by   Shigeru Murata
  • Color grading by   Takuya Mera
  • Visual effects by   Shunya Hirota, Hiroki Tamukai


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.








Godzilla vs. the Tigers "trailer"
Extended "trailer"


  • Godzilla previously fought To-Lucky during a Tigers game on May 14, 2019.[4]

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