Cyber Cop (1989)

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Cyber Cop
The title card for Cyber Cop
Alternate titles
Flagicon Japan.png Computer Police Cyber Cop (1989)
See alternate titles
Directed by Kazuo Sagawa[1]
Producer Mitsuru Toriumi[1]
Distributor TohoDVD
Running time ~8½ minutes

Cyber Cop ( (でん) (のう) (けい) (さつ)サイバーコップ,   Dennō Keisatsu Saibā Koppu, lit. "Computer Police Cyber Cop")[a] is a Japanese 3D short film based on Toho Planning, Studio Jump, and Yomiko Advertising's 1988 television series of the same name. It was produced for the "Jump Out! Super Heroes" event at the Takarazuka Family Land theme park, where it premiered on the day of the event's opening on March 18, 1989.[1] The film is not known to have been released again until almost a full decade later in 1998, when it was included as a bonus feature on the second volume of the series' LaserDisc releases. It has since been carried over to Toho's subsequent video releases, including the second volume of their 2005 DVDs, and the fourth volume of the discs' 2018 Toho Masterpiece Selection reissues.


A young boy and girl find a floating orb in a park and decide to play catch with it, but are abducted by a gigantic UFO. The Zero-Section Armed Constable determine that the culprits are the criminal organization Deathtrap, and send the Cyber Cops to investigate. The Cyber Cops locate and fight off a band of Deathtrap goons while two Destroids hold the children hostage on a pier. The Cyber Cops appear on a nearby rooftop and jump down to confront yet more thugs, eventually summoning their Cyber Arms. The Destroids transport themselves to a forest in a bid to escape, but are tracked down by the Cyber Cops in their patrol car. The Cops drive after them through a tunnel while being blasted at by the Ominos Destroid's arm-mounted gun. When the Destroids reach the other end of the tunnel, they are met with an ambush from the Cyber Cops. The Destroids fight briefly with the Cyber Cops, letting go of the captive children in the process, before continuing to attempt to escape. The Halkos Destroid is combusted by Mars' Fire Slugger bazooka, while the Ominos is gunned down by Jupiter's Megastorm. The Ominos summons the UFO—Crystallo—with its dying breath, but the craft is brought down by a blast from Jupiter's Thunder Magnum attack.

Crystallo erupts in a huge explosion, and the Cyber Cops emerge from the smoke to meet the children in safety. Together, they all walk through the park from which the children had been taken.


Note: The film does not include opening or end credits.

Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Kazuo Sagawa[1]
  • Stunt coordinator   Haruhiko Hashimoto[1]
  • Produced by   Mitsuru Toriumi[1]
  • Cinematography by   Hitoshi Ishiwatari[1]
  • Insert song "A Roar To Tomorrow Cyber Heart"
    • Performed by   Hiroshi Nishikawa
    • Composed by   Daisuke Inoue
    • Lyrics by   Yuho Iwasato
    • Arranged by   Ryomei Shirai


Cyber Cops


  • Destroids
    • Unnamed Halkos-type
    • Unnamed Ominos-type

Weapons, vehicles, races, and organizations


Cyber Cop commenced filming on February 8, 1989. It was at least partially filmed in eastern Ginza, Tokyo.[1]

Alternate titles

  • Cyber Cop (サイバーコップ, alternate Japanese title)[1]
  • Computer Police Cyber Cop (電脳警察サイバーコップ, Japanese title)


  • The film was advertised in TOKK magazine as being Japan's first ever 3D action movie.[1]
  • Cyber Cop premiered a day before the airing of its television counterpart's 23rd episode.


  1. Its Japanese title is given as simply Saibā Koppu (サイバーコップ) in a set report from the February 1989 issue of TOKK magazine, but is written with the full "Computer Police" subtitle on its title card.


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