Cyber Cop (1988-89)

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Cyber Cop
Cyber Cop
Air date October 2, 1988 - July 5, 1989
Distributor Toho
Channel(s) Nippon Television
Genre(s) Tokusatsu
Episodes 34*
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Cyber Cop (電脳警察サイバーコップ,   Dennō Keisatsu Saibā Koppu, lit. Computer Police Cyber Cop) is a Japanese tokusatsu series co-produced by Toho Planning, Studio Jump, and Yomiko Advertising. It aired on Nippon TV from October 2, 1988 to July 5, 1989.


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No. Title Directed by Written by Special effects
Air date
0 "It's Coming! Super SFX!! Cyber Cop" Kiyotaka Matsumoto Kenji Terada N/A 9/18/1988
1 "The Strongest Detective! Jupiter Appears" Hirochika Muraishi Junki Takegami 10/2/1988
2 "The City is Sinking! Save the Seaside Metropolis" 10/9/1988
3 "Clash! The Cyborg Tank" 10/16/1988
4 "Traffic Panic! The Computer's Trap" 10/23/1988
5 "A Prince in Trouble! Escape from the Dark Zone" Kiyotaka Matsumoto Yukiyoshi Ohashi Toshiro Murakami 10/30/1988
6 "Oda Targeted! ZAC in Big Trouble" Kazuhiko Godo 11/6/1988
7 "The Murderous Jet!! Urban Warfare in Tokyo" Yoshiki Kitamura Junki Takegami 11/13/1988
8 "Electric Dam in Danger! Operation Tokyo Darkness" Kazuhiko Godo 11/20/1988
9 "The Racing Machine!! Blade Liner Arrives" Hirochika Muraishi Junki Takegami Masaharu Nakama 11/27/1988
10 "A Haunted Hotel!? Zombies All Around" 12/4/1988
11 "The Flying Tank!! Life or Death on the Highway" Kiyotaka Matsumoto Junki Takegami,
Teppei Den
12 "The Dragon Dances! A Strange Christmas" Kazuhiko Godo 12/18/1988
13 "The Satellite is Falling!! Jupiter Dies on the Job!?" Hirochika Muraishi Yukiyoshi Ohashi Toshiro Murakami 12/25/1988
14 "Takeda's Secret!! He's Seen the Illusive Future" Yoshiki Kitamura Junki Takegami Masaharu Nakama 1/15/1989
15 "Change the Future!! The Soldier of Hope, Jupiter" Kazuhiko Godo 1/22/1989
16 "Hell's Emissary!? Lucifer Appears!!" Hirochika Muraishi Junki Takegami 1/29/1989
17 "Lucifer's Counterattack!! The Devil's Challenge" Michio Hirata Kazuhiko Godo Toshiro Murakami 2/5/1989
18 "Bombing Impossible!! A Giant UFO Appears" Hirochika Muraishi Junki Takegami,
Kazuhiko Godo
19 "Uesugi's Mutiny! The Dangerous Female Detective" Junki Takegami 2/19/1989
20 "The Roaring Killer Weapon!! Gigamax's Power" Yoshiki Kitamura Junki Takegami,
Kazuhiko Godo
21 "The Fifth Cop!? The Ultimate Cyber, Lucifer" Junki Takegami 3/5/1989
22 "Fake Cybers!! ZAC's Ultimate Crisis" Toshio Oi Kazuhiko Godo Shohei Sudo 3/12/1989
23 "The Final Killer Attack!! Cybernic Wave" Junki Takegami,
Yukiyoshi Ohashi
24 "The Missiles Fire!! Clash at Deathtrap's Base" Hirochika Muraishi Kazuhiko Godo Masaharu Nakama 3/26/1989
25 "The Frightening Female Soldier! Luna Arrives" Junki Takegami 4/5/1989
26 "Destroy the Invisible Fortress!!" Yoshiki Kitamura 4/12/1989
27 "The Cyber Bits are Broken!!" Kazuhiko Godo 4/19/1989
28 "City Air Strike: The Blimp Bomb" Toshio Oi Yukiyoshi Ohashi 4/26/1989
29 "Uesugi's Assassination: Hurry, Cops" Junki Takegami 5/10/1989
30 "Dash Through the Devil's Mountain!!" Michio Hirata Kazuhiko Godo Toshiro Murakami 5/17/1989
31 "The Stolen Thunder Arm" Hiroshi Toda 5/24/1989
32 "The Loft is Attacked!!" Yoshiki Kitamura Kazuhiko Godo 5/31/1989
33 "Defend the Linear Car!!" Hirochika Muraishi Junki Takegami Shohei Sudo 6/7/1989
34 "The End of Deathtrap!!" 6/14/1989
35 "Requested Top 10 Special: Part 1" Hirochika Muraishi,
Yoshiki Kitamura,
Toshio Oi,
Michio Hirata,
Kiyotaka Matsumoto
Junki Takegami,
Kazuhiko Godo
N/A 6/28/1989
36 "Requested Top 10 Special: Part 2" Hirochika Muraishi,
Yoshiki Kitamura
Junki Takegami,
Kazuhiko Godo,
Yukiyoshi Ohashi


Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Kiyotaka Matsumoto, Hirochika Muraishi, Yoshiki Kitamura, Michio Hirata, Toshio Oi
  • Director's assistant   Yoshiki Kitamura
  • Written by   Kenji Terada (special), Junki Takegami, Yukiyoshi Ohashi, Kazuhiko Godo, Teppei Den, Hiroshi Toda
  • Planning by   Kazuo Shimamura, Katsumi Nagayama
  • Associate planner   Minoru Nakano
  • Produced by   Toru Horikoshi, Seiji Ishikawa, Mitsuru Toriumi, Masayuki Takubo, Tetsuya Kobayashi
  • Assistant producers   Masako Fukuyo, Toshihito Suzuki
  • Series supervisor   Hirochika Muraishi
  • Series organizer   Junki Takegami
  • Stunt coordinator   Ryojiro Nishimoto
  • Music by   Ichiro Nitta
  • Opening theme "A Roar To Tomorrow Cyber Heart"
    • Performed by   Hiroshi Nishikawa
    • Lyrics by   Yuho Iwasato
    • Composed by   Daisuke Inoue
    • Arranged by   Ryomei Shirai
  • End theme "Shooting Star"
    • Performed by   Mika Chiba
    • Lyrics by   Shun Taguchi
    • Composed and arranged by   Yuji Toriyama
  • Cinematography by   Mitsuo Inoue (special), Shohei Sudo, Yoshihiro Mori, Toshiro Murakami, Masaharu Nakama
  • Edited by   Isao Otaka
  • Production design by   Akihiko Iguchi
  • First assistant directors   Michio Hirata, Hitoshi Idei, Takaaki Hashiguchi, Koichiro Nakayama, Takayoshi Makino, Yoshiaki Tabata
  • Special effects photography by   Toshiro Murakami, Masaharu Nakama, Shohei Sudo
  • Insert songs:
    • "Recollection of Jupiter"
      • Performed by   Hideyuki Nagashima
      • Lyrics by   Yoshihiko Ando
      • Composed by   Ichiro Nitta
      • Arranged by   Takashi Kudo
    • "Flame Messenger"
      • Performed by   Norio Sakai
      • Lyrics by   Yoshihiko Ando
      • Composed by   Ichiro Nitta
      • Arranged by   Takashi Kudo
    • "Brand-New Tomorrow"
      • Performed by   Mika Chiba
      • Lyrics by   Shun Taguchi
      • Composed by   VAX POP
      • Arranged by   Kunihiko Ryo
    • "Into the Night"
      • Performed by   Mika Chiba
      • Lyrics by   Shun Taguchi
      • Composed and arranged by   Yuji Toriyama
    • "Let it Go"
      • Performed by   Hiroshi Nishikawa
      • Lyrics by   Arisu Sato
      • Composed by   Takashi Shoji
      • Arranged by   Takayuki Hijikata


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Tomonori Yoshida   as   Shinya Takeda / Jupiter (voice)
  • Mika Chiba   as   Tomoko Uesugi
  • Shogo Shiotani   as   Akira Hojo / Mars (voice)
  • Tomu Saeba (as Takashi Mizumoto)   as   Ryoichi Mori / Saturn (voice)
  • Shun Mizuhara (as Toshihiko Sasasaki)   as   Osamu Saionji / Mercury (voice)
  • Takashi Kora   as   Lucifer
  • Masaaki Daimon   as   Captain Hisayoshi Oda
  • Atsuko Mita   as   Mizue Shimizu
  • Hiromi Onishi   as   Miho Asakura
  • Shuhei Suzuki   as   Daisuke Yazawa
  • Akira Otani   as   Chief Yamamoto
  • Jinya Sato   as   Baron Kageyama
  • Goro Mitsumi   as   Führer / narrator
  • Ken Okabe   as   Professor Preud
  • Takaaki Kitagawa   as   Professor Ainstein
  • Tomoko Ishimura   as   Miss Durwin
  • Masako Takeda   as   Beastmaster Luna
  • Bob Timbello   as   ZAC base (voice)


Cyber Cops


  • Ena Halkos
  • Ele Ominos
  • Ena Garoga
  • Dio Garoga
  • Doberman V109
  • Dio Ominos
  • Dio Halkos
  • Tria Garoga
  • Tria Ominos
  • Tessera Garoga
  • Seagull Fighter Plane
  • Tria Halkos
  • Tessera Ominos
  • Demon Egg
  • Tessera Halkos
  • Floating Tank
  • Bende Garoga
  • Orion
  • Bende Halkos
  • Bende Ominos
  • Exi Halkos
  • Efta Halkos
  • Ofto Halkos
  • Cristallo
  • Enya Halkos
  • Exi Ominos
  • Deka Halkos
  • Dummy Robot
  • Fake Cybercops
    • Fake Jupiter
    • Fake Mars
    • Fake Saturn
    • Fake Mercury
  • Grappler
  • Jephthah Ominos
  • Endeka Halkos
  • Beast Soldier Four Heavenly Kings
    • Hawk
    • Turtle
    • Salamander
    • Tiger
  • Spider Garoga G
  • Black Crows
  • Cobra 5
  • Club Halkos
  • Ring Ominos
  • Ring Halkos
  • Mach Ominos
  • Mach Halkos
  • Dark Ominos
  • Neo Ominos
  • Hustler
  • Ted Halkos
  • Canon Halkos

Foreign releases

Brazilian release

Cyber Cop was imported to Brazil by the Sato Company under the title Cybercop, the Police of the Future (Cybercop, os Policiais do Futuro). It debuted on the now-defunct channel Rede Manchete as part of the television channel Clube da Criança on October 12, 1990. Dubbed in Brazilian Portuguese, the series earned high ratings and even had an exclusive tie-in comic book published in Heróis da TV magazine. The series was re-aired on CNT in 2000 and again on TV Diário in 2018.

Malaysian release

An English-dubbed version of Cyber Cop was released by Malaysian home video company Speedy Video. Six episodes were acquired by fan group The Apollo Dub Archive and made available for download in early 2021.[1]

U.S. release

Cyber Cop has never been officially released in the United States in any capacity. However, a full translation of the series was released by fansubber Metallic Fansubs in early 2021.[2]

A U.S. trademark on "CYBERCOPS" for use in motion pictures, video tapes, toys, games, and more was filed by Toho on May 17, 1994. However, no such merchandise was ever produced, and the trademark was abandoned by February 9, 1998.[3] Curiously, Hong Kong toy manufacturer Zima Products produced a line of American action figures based on Takara's Cyber Cop toys entitled "Power Force." The Zero-Section Armed Constable was renamed to Zero-Section Armed Police (ZAP) while Jupiter, Lucifer, Saturn, Mars, and Mercury's names were changed to Biotron, Blazord, Zortron, Destron, and Spectron, respectively. Whether these were intended as a tie-in to a cancelled TV adaptation is unknown.


Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 7
Episode 9
Episode 16
Episode 19
Episode 23
Episode 27


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