Lucifer (ZAC)

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Lucifer in art for Cyber Cop
Species Human
Allies Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter, Tomoko Uesugi, Captain Hisagi Oda, Shimazu Mizue, Miho Asakura, Daisuke Yazawa
Enemies Führer, Baron Kageyama, Madam Durwin, Professor Einstein, Doctor Arthur Ploid, Beast Master Luna, Hawk, Turtle, Salamander, Tiger
First appearance Cyber Cop
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Lucifer is a kaijin created by Toho that first appeared in the 1988 tokusatsu series, Cyber Cop.


Lucifer has black under armor with white armor over it. He has triangular armor over his pelvis area, which is white and yellow. His upper body armor is a more silvery color, and has the Cyber Graviton in the middle of it. His upper arms have more white armor over them, and his lower arms are black. His legs also have white armor a long with his long white boots. His helmet is white and his eyes are red. He has a long horn protruding from his forehead in a similar fashion to Jupiter. The lower part of this horn is the same dark red color as his eyes.


Lucifer went through the same time-space portal fend that Jupiter went through. The portal was opened in the 23rd century after the explosion of the Babylon Tower. This portal brought the two back to 1999. Believing Jupiter killed his comrades, Lucifer targeted him as his nemesis. He then allied with Baron Kageyama, but later found out that he was the evil one. Then after being double-crossed, he decided to truce with the Cybercops and occasionally helps them in battle. Also like Jupiter, Lucifer brought his bit suit and weapons with him through the portal fend. The two's futuristic gear are the most advanced in ZAC.


Like the rest of the Cybercops, Lucifer has weapons of choice specific to his bit suit.

Impulse Magnums

Lucifer has two high power pistols known as Impulse Magnums.

Machine guns

Lucifer has two machine guns which come to his back to his shoulders.

Pulsar Cannon

Lucifer has a cannon known as the Pulsar Cannon.


Lucifer has a high powered gun known as the Gigamax.

Cyber Graviton

Lucifer has an energy absorber-releaser on his chest called the Cyber Graviton.


  • Lucifer has the most firepower out of all the Cybercops.


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