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Dunket in Go! Greenman
Species Insect minion of Maoh mutationG!G
Forms Human sized, giant sized
Controlled by King Flasher, Tonchiki
Relations King Flasher (creator)A!H!!,
Tonchiki (creator)G!G
Allies King Flasher, Gyaron, Alien Dorok, Flashers, Tonchiki
Enemies Human No. 1, Greenman
First appearance Assault! Human!! episode 8,
"The Magic of the Boy Flasher!!"

Dunket (ダンケット,   Danketto) is a bug kaijin that first appeared in episode 8 of the 1972 Union Motion Picture tokusatsu kaiju series, Assault! Human!!, The Magic of the Boy Flasher!!.


Dunket appears to be at least partly insectoid with a large, fly-like head and strange claws for hands. Its skin is blue with diagonal crimson stripes. Although no known footage of his appearance in Assault! Human!! remains, artwork found for the series reveals that had massive, speaker-like wings that were coloured silver. These wings had been removed before his appearance in Go! Greenman.


Assault! Human!!

"The Magic of the Boy Flasher!!"


Go! Greenman

"Greenman vs. Dunket"

Dunket was the twenty fifth monster to battle Greenman. Him and Tonchiki went to seek out the children for Maoh, and in the children's panic, they used their Green Calls. Greenman was then summoned, and Dunket fought with him. They had a short scuffle, and Dunket grew. To continue the fight, Greenman grew too. They fought on a hill which proved to be a challenge for Greenman. For example, Greenman attempted to do a cartwheel towards Dunket, but slipped. This left Greenman open for an attack, and Dunket beat on him. Eventually, Greenman managed to defeat the monster.


Tongue explosives

In Go! Greenman, Dunket had multiple tongue-shaped explosives lodged in his chest which he could summon to his mouth for use in battle. However, he only has a certain amount and once out, must wait for more to generate.


  • In Dunket's debut appearance, episode 8 of Assault! Human!!, his body's colors were much more vibrant and he possessed large wings.[1][2] However, most likely due to suit deterioration, Dunket's body was much more dull and his wings were removed in Go! Greenman.


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