"Greenman vs. Tsunozillas"

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Go! Greenman Episodes
"Greenman vs. Bullpull"
"Greenman vs. Tsunozillas"
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"Greenman vs. Tsunozillas"
Greenman vs. Tsunozillas
Series Go! Greenman
Episode # 6

"Greenman vs. Tsunozillas" (グリーンマン対ツノジラス,   Gurīnman tai Tsunojirasu) is the sixth episode of Go! Greenman.


The episode starts with Maoh ordering Tonchiki to create another monster to get the blood of children. So, Tonchiki complies and mutates a minion of Maoh into Tsunozillas, who is deployed with his creator near the children. Tsunozillas creates a large, spiky, ball and rolls it down a hill to the children. The kids quickly run over to the object, curious about what it is and where it came from. They begin pulling the spines out of it, but a black noxious smoke begins pouring out of the holes where the spines once were. This gas causes the children to pass out on the hill; Tonchiki and Tsunozillas then step in to view, and report back to Maoh. Tsunozillas then picks up one of the kids, but unfortunately for the monster, a Green Call falls from the child's pocket and activates, summoning Greenman. Greenman immediately appears, and re-awakens the children before beginning to fight with Tsunozillas. After a thorough beat-down from the hero, Tsunozillas is made giant by Tonchiki, at the request of his master. Now giant sized and fighting in a small town, Tsunozillas begins to exhale a similar black smoke to the one that previously seeped out of the spined ball. The gas causes Greenman to drop to the ground, now weakened. Luckily, the children used the Green Calls to strengthen their hero once more. Greenman stood right back up, and leapt at Tsunozillas, knocked him to the ground. The two fought vigorously, but Tsunozillas' efforts weren't good enough. So, to enhance his performance, Tonchiki summoned one of the spikes balls directly on the monster's forehead. This now allowed Tsunozillas to fire explosives quills from his head, as well as use the ball as a ramming device. This unexpected trump card quickly overpowered Greenman, so the children used the Green Call for a second time, this time shooting a laser beam at Greenman's body, strengthening him even more. Now with another sudden burst of strength, Greenman shot an Ear Boomerang at the ball, and destroyed Tsunozillas with the Breaster attack.



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  • This episode is the first in the series to have the Green Calls be used twice to strengthen Greenman.


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