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Kappalge in the Go! Godman movie
Alternate names Kapparuge, Katsubarge, Greencappa
Species Bird-like MonsterG!Go,G!Go '08
Aquatic Avian Minion of Maoh MutationG!Gr
Relations Tonchiki (Creator)G!Gr
Allies Tonchiki, MaohG!Gr, Gaira, Tsunojiras, Shilarji, Green MaskG!Go '08
Enemies GodmanG!Go,G!Go '08, GreenmanG!Gr
First appearance Go! Godman Episode 20:
Godman vs. Bat Man and Kappalge
Latest appearance Go! Godman (2008)
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Kappalge (カッパルゲ,   Kapparuge) is a bird kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 20 of the 1972 tokusatsu kaiju series, Go! Godman titled Godman vs. Bat Man and Kappalge.


In its debut appearance, Kappalge had a brown chest with green speckles, a large green bird head with a yellow beak, dark yellow hands, brown legs with orange stripes, brown feet and a black cape. When it appeared in Go! Greenman, Kappalge was given a full suit of white body armor, adorned with a brown belt, large artificial feathers, and a spiked tail. For Kappalge's brief cameo in the credits of the 2008 Godman special, it returned to its original Go! Godman appearance. However, it was not completely unchanged, as the chest piece was changed to a black coloration with green speckles, the cape was covered with white spheres, and a mane of blue feathers was added around the monster's neck.


Showa Series

Go! Godman

Godman vs. Bat Man and Kappalge
Kappalge in Go! Godman

Kappalge is the twenty-fourth monster to battle Godman. It appeared as a large bug on a tree but mutated before a group of children into its monstrous form. The children called out for Godman who had just finished battling Bat Man in the same episode, and eventually destroys the monster after a short battle.

Go! Greenman

Greenman vs. Kappalge
Kappalge in Go! Greenman

Like many other of the monsters to appear in Godman, Kappalage reappeared in the Greenman series. He appeared in episode 42 and was the forty-third kaiju to battle Greenman. In this series, Kappalge was created by Tonchiki, a subordinate of the demon king Maoh, for the sole purpose of retrieving the blood of children to free Maoh from his imprisonment in the Underworld. In the show, the monster was also changed to being an aquatic creature despite still being a bird in appearance. It is deployed in to a small lake where four small children had been net fishing. The water begins to erupt into foam when one of the boys dips his net in to it, and Kappalge bursts from the water. They are chased but manage to duck behind a bush and use a Green Call to summon Greenman. The hero quickly beats Kappalge in to submission who loses consciousness, but Tonchiki casts a spell on him to regain composure and use its trump card ability. The monster creates a bubble of foam and liquid which pops on contact with Greenman, blinding him. He repeats this ability once more, covering Greenman's eyes with a viscous liquid. Blinded, Greenman is easily beaten down but the children soon use two Green Calls to repair him and remove the obstruction. Greenman then ultimately sends one of the bubbles back at Kappalge's face using the Greenman Stick's Stick Beam ability, and destroys him using his Mouth Beam.

Millennium Series

Go! Godman (2008)

Kappalge in theGodman movie

Kappalge also made a brief appearance in the credits of the Godman movie. He is first seen facing off against Godman, but was quickly beaten down due to his cape being pulled over his eyes. Godman then beat the monster to the ground while he was blinded. Kappalge also re-appeared during a large battle against Godman along side Green Mask, Shilarji, Gaira, and Tsunojiras who he had allied with.



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