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Minions of Maoh
The minions of Maoh in Go! Greenman
Species Animated clay dolls
Controlled by Maoh
Allies Maoh, Tonchiki
Enemies Greenman
First appearance Go! Greenman episode 1,
"Greenman vs. Garamedon"
Latest appearance Go! Greenman episode 52,
"Greenman vs. Maoh"

The minions of Maoh (魔王の手下,   Maō no teshita) are living clay doll kaijin created by Toho that first appeared in episode 1 of the 1973 tokusatsu series Go! Greenman, titled "Greenman vs. Garamedon."


The minions of Maoh are identical to each other. They have brownish fur, with ape like faces and large eyes which have no irises. They are roughly the same height as an adult human.


Go! Greenman

Maoh's servants first appear in episode 1, along with their master, Maoh, and his sidekick, Tonchiki, after having been awoken by Maoh. Intent on causing mischief, Maoh directs Tonchiki and one of his servants to head above ground, and disrupt a group of Japanese children. The two comply, and chase the children around until Greenman appears, and repels the marauding intruders. Maoh, angry that his demands were not met, orders Tonchiki to mutate his servant into Garamedon, and sends them back along with Tonchiki.

Generally, Tonchiki will mutate one of the minions if their plans are not working. It is explained that Maoh has control of a select number of the minions, at least 56, only 51 of which are capable of transforming. Included in this total are four special minions, the Ninjutsu Kaijin, Cross-Dressing Kaijin, Magic Kaijin, and Pattern Kaijin who all fought Greenman. The final minion who was able to transform was killed by a group of children before he could do so.



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