Zero-Section Armed Constable

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Zero-Section Armed Constable
Zero-Section Armed Constable
Members Shinya Takeda (leader)
Akira Hojo,
Ryoichi Mori,
Osamu Saionji,
Tomoko Uesugi,
Captain Hisagi Oda,
Shimazu Mizue,
Miho Asakura,
Daisuke Yazawa
Species Human
Aliases ZAC
Allies Lucifer
Enemies Führer, Baron Kageyama, Lucifer*, Madam Durwin, Professor Einstein, Doctor Arthur Ploid, Beast Master Luna, All Cyber Cop kaijin
First appearance Cyber Cop Episode 1: The Strongest Cop! Jupiter is Born
Latest appearance Cyber Cop Episode 36: Request Top 10 Special Part 2

The Zero-Section Armed Constable (0課装甲警察部隊,   0-Ka Sōkō Keisatsu Butai, lit. 0 Section Armored Police Force)[1], known as ZAC for short, is a special police force comprised of policemen and Cybercops created by Toho who first appeared in episode 1 of the 1988 tokusatsu kaiju series, Cyber Cop titled The Strongest Cop! Jupiter is Born.


Cyber Cop

During the year 1999, crime had overrun Tokyo leaving the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Force hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned. Left with no other option, the police force create a special task force code-named the Zero-Section Armed Constable. For this cause, the police scientists created three technologically advanced suits called Bit Suits, with a planned fourth in the works. The three completed armors, named the Mars, Saturn, and Mercury Bit Suits were given to three skilled volunteers named Akira Hojo, Ryoichi Mori, and Osamu Saionji respectively. A fourth volunteer, named Tomoko Uesugi was intended to receive the Venus Bit Suit, but it was never created due to budget restraints. Also added to the team were Captain Hisagi Oda, Shimazu Mizue, Miho Asakura, and Daisuke Yazawa. Later on, the team was further expanded when a time-space portal fend opened unexpectedly and transported three men to 1999. Surprisingly, two of the men were also in possession of Bit Suits but became sworn enemies. One of the Bit Suit users, named Lucifer sided with the third man named Baron Kageyama and together create a crime syndicate called Death Trap. The other Bit Suit user named Jupiter has lost his memories and comes to the ZAC hoping to retrieve them. This leads to Jupiter joining the team as the fourth Cybercop. Together they destroy Death Trap with the help of Lucifer, who Jupiter re-befriends. Jupiter and Lucifer use their weapons in conjunction with one another, re-opening the portal and sending them back to the future. Tomoko Uesugi also comes with them, wanting to fight for a better time.


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