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Tokyo (東京,   Tōkyō), formally Tokyo Metropolis (東京都,   Tōkyō-to) is the capital of Japan, as well as one of the nation's 47 prefectures and the most populous metropolitan area in the world. Naturally, the city and its 23 wards have appeared in numerous kaiju films in some capacity, whether as a primary setting or merely in passing.


Tokyo was originally known as "Edo", meaning "estuary." Its name was changed to Tokyo (Tōkyō: tō (east) + kyō (capital)) when it became the de facto imperial capital in 1868.


Showa era

Godzilla (1954)

Godzilla, after being discovered on Odo Island, was the subject of a discussion held at the National Diet Building by Kyohei Yamane and a group of islanders. Yamane explained to members of the Japanese government that Godzilla had been resting below the waters of the South Pacific since the Jurassic period, and had likely been awoken by nuclear tests conducted in the region.

Unknown to everyone there, Godzilla had began journeying towards Japan after the JMSDF attempted to use depth-charges to kill him. Unfortunately, these weapons failed to injure the kaiju, and instead only angered him. Several days after the expedition to Odo Island concluded, Godzilla rose out of Tokyo Bay at night, terrifying a group of people aboard a cruise ship, before sinking back below the water. The following evening, Godzilla left the water again and this time came ashore, attacking the neighboring city of Shinagawa, causing much destruction and death before returning to the bay. A barrier constructed from thousands of high-voltage pylons was then placed around the city in an attempt to defend it should Godzilla surface again, but these proved ultimately useless when Godzilla rose out of Tokyo Bay once more and melted the pylons with his atomic breath. Godzilla then entered Tokyo and quickly began to destroy it, reducing it to a sea of flames in a matter of hours.

After Godzilla left much of the city in ruins, two F-86 Sabres were mobilized in a last-ditch attempt to drive Godzilla back. The jet fighters unloaded their arsenal of missiles on Godzilla, but the giant monster gave no reaction to the counterattack. With no ammunition left and barely enough fuel to return to base, the jets were forced to fly away as Godzilla returned to the ocean yet again. The death toll from the attack was massive, but the residual radiation left behind by Godzilla's assault on the city would go on to kill many more.


Professor Sugimoto's biology laboratory was based in Tokyo. It was from this lab that two of Sugimoto's students left on a research trip to the Tohoku region of Northern Japan. Kenji Uozaki, Yuriko Shinjo and Horiguchi then departed from Tokyo for Iwaya Village to discover what really happened to the first research team. The JSDF later sent several representatives to Sugimoto's lab to consult the professor on how to stop Varan, and the Varan Countermeasures Unit was likewise based in the capital city.

Varan itself briefly entered Tokyo from Tokyo Bay at Haneda Airport but an all-out offensive from the JSDF was successful in preventing more damage to the city, thanks in large part to the bravery of Uozaki and the expertise of Professor Sugimoto.


King Kong vs. Godzilla

While rampaging across Japan, King Kong found himself in Tokyo. He then picked up the train Fumiko Sakurai was riding on and fell in love with her on first sight. He pulled her out of the train, dropped it, and then climbed on top of the National Diet Building. The military shot missiles loaded with berry juice from Faro Island above his head in hopes of making him fall asleep. The plan worked and Fumiko was rescued. Kong was then carried out of the city by giant balloons.

Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster

After King Ghidorah emerged from his meteor that crash-landed on Earth, he is later seen wreaking havoc on the city of Tokyo while a press meeting is held at the National Diet Building, blasting the city apart with his gravity beams. The Tokyo Tower was later destroyed after King Ghidorah flew over it, leaving the city in ruins.

Gamera the Giant Monster

Gamera is sighted all across the globe, but has thankfully not attacked any highly populated areas. Dr. Hikada then determines that Gamera is sleeping under the Tokyo Bay, due to flooding and shipwrecks in the bay. Hidaka then meets with representatives of the Soviet Union and United States to form Plan-Z. As the plan for Gamera is being prepared on Izu Oshima, Gamera makes landfall in Tokyo. As he decimates the city, he is distracted by trains filled with petroleum. Mount Mihara then erupts, drawing Gamera to the site of Plan-Z.

The War of the Gargantuas

Three scientists attend press conferences held to discuss countermeasures against Gaira, who had recently tried to attack Haneda Airport but was repelled by sunlight. One of the scientists, Paul Stewart, believed that this kaiju was different from Frankenstein. That night, Gaira came ashore in Tokyo and makes his way to the countryside, prompting the JSDF to deploy the new Type 66 Maser Cannon. After being defeated, Gaira is saved by Sanda. Gaira then attacks Tokyo a second time, with Sanda converging on his position along with the JSDF. Akemi Togawa goes to Tokyo to warn Sanda but is caught by Gaira. Sanda arrives and tells Gaira to stop, but he is forced to fight back. The JSDF opens fire on Gaira while the battle rages on. Both monsters fall into the bay and move into open water. Planes start bombing them, causing an undersea volcano to erupt, with both monsters vanishing.

King Kong Escapes

Destroy All Monsters

The Kilaaks sent Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, and Manda to attack Tokyo. The three mind-controlled kaiju easily annihilated the city with little opposition.

All Monsters Attack

Godzilla vs. Gigan

The two space monsters, Gigan and King Ghidorah, were sent by the Nebulans to destroy Tokyo. They tore through the city and devastated the military. When all hope seemed lost, Godzilla and Anguirus arrived and fought the invaders at a refinery. As the battle waged on, they gradually left the city.

Godzilla vs. Megalon

After reaching the surface, Megalon, led by Jet Jaguar, made his way to Tokyo, where he went on a brief rampage.

Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla

Terror of Mechagodzilla

Mechagodzilla and Titanosaurus were sent to destroy Tokyo. It wasn't long before Godzilla challenged the duo in battle at the outskirts of the city.

Heisei era

The Return of Godzilla

Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah

Godzilla vs. Mothra

Gamera the Guardian of the Universe

Godzilla vs. Destoroyah

Awakened by the construction of the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line, microscopic creatures mutated by the use of the Oxygen Destroyer in 1954 came ashore in Tokyo and began feeding on fish at the Shinagawa Aquarium. As the creatures continued to grow and evolve, a SWAT team confronted them in the Tokyo Telecom Center and was nearly wiped out. Eventually, Dr. Kensaku Ijuin determined that the creatures could be exterminated using low temperatures, and the JSDF battled them in the outskirts of Tokyo using new ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezing weapons. While the attacks seemed effective at first, the creatures soon merged into a huge Aggregate Form, which Ijuin dubbed Destoroyah. When G-Force realized that Godzilla was following Godzilla Junior to his nest on Adonoa Island, it decided to use psychics Miki Saegusa and Meru Ozawa to lure Junior to Tokyo so that Godzilla would follow and hopefully be killed by Destoroyah before his meltdown destroyed the world. As Junior reached Tokyo, Destoroyah immediately flew overhead and attacked him. The flying creature then transformed into his Aggregate Form and battled Junior on the ground. Destoroyah pinned Junior to the ground and stabbed him with his arms before impaling him in the chest with his secondary jaw and injecting Micro-Oxygen into his bloodstream. Junior forced Destoroyah off of him and blasted him into a refinery with his atomic breath, which exploded. As night fell, Godzilla arrived in Tokyo and reunited with his adopted son near Haneda Airport. But Destroyah was not dead; he had absorbed DNA from Junior and energy from the refinery explosion and mutated further. Destroyah rose from the burning refinery in his Perfect Form and flew to the airport, grabbing Junior and knocking down Godzilla. Destroyah dropped Junior from hundreds of meters in the air onto the Ariake Coliseum and fired his Oxygen Destroyer Ray, mortally wounding him. Godzilla retaliated and fought Destoroyah. Destroyah used his tail to toss Godzilla into Tokyo Bay. After climbing back onto land, Godzilla fired his atomic breath into Destroyah's chest, blasting it open. Godzilla fired his atomic breath once more and caused Destoroyah to vomit blood and fall to the ground. The demonic creature then divided into multiple Aggregate Forms and swarmed Godzilla, dragging him to the ground. Godzilla used his nuclear pulse to free himself, and with his foe seemingly defeated he approached his fallen son. Godzilla tried to breathe energy back into Junior, who briefly stirred and looked up at him before finally dying. Destoroyah returned in his Perfect Form and assaulted Godzilla as the monster tried to grieve for his only family. As his temperature climbed to critical levels, Godzilla unleashed his full fury against Destoroyah in a final confrontation. As Godzilla began to enter the first stages of meltdown, he emitted uncontrollable nuclear pulses which seriously wounded Destoroyah and forced him to retreat. However, the JSDF's freezer weapons all opened fire on Destoroyah as he tried to escape, freezing his wings and causing him to plummet from the sky. Upon striking the ground which was superheated by Godzilla, Destoroyah evaporated into a white mist. With his son's death avenged, Godzilla silently awaited death as his nuclear heart melted down. The JSDF bombarded Godzilla with cadmium shells and cryolasers as he melted down, trying to contain the damage so that Earth would not be destroyed. As Godzilla melted away to nothing, he unleashed catastrophic levels of atomic radiation onto Tokyo. However, the radiation was suddenly absorbed by something. In the ruins of Tokyo, the revived adult Godzilla Junior stood up and roared, having absorbed his dying father's energy to come back to life as the new King of the Monsters.

Gamera 2: Attack of Legion

Rebirth of Mothra 3

Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris

Following the depletion of Earth's mana as a consequence of the conclusion of Gamera's battle against Mother Legion in 1997, evolved Hyper Gyaos began appearing across the world in 2000. One night, two Hyper Gyaos appeared over Tokyo's Shibuya ward, and were pursued by Gamera, who immediately began battling them with little regard for people in the ward, killing both Hyper Gyaos at the cost of many thousands of human lives as collateral damage. As a result of the tragedy, humanity's trust in Gamera was severed, and the JSDF designated him as an enemy.

Godzilla: The Series


"Monster Wars: Part 2"

Millennium era

Godzilla 2000: Millennium

Godzilla vs. Megaguirus

Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla

When Godzilla appeared in Tokyo, the JXSDF attempted engaging him without Kiryu's help but failed. Kiryu was launched and dropped into the battlefield and engaged Godzilla. The battle went well for Kiryu until Godzilla sent Kiryu flying with his atomic breath, which diverted a blast of Kiryu's Absolute Zero Cannon, destroying multiple buildings and damaging Kiryu's receiver. After an AC-3 White Heron replenished Kiryu's energy, Akane Yashiro entered one of the maintenance hatches to pilot Kiryu from the inside. This time she flew Godzilla out to sea while charging the Absolute Zero cannon. The weapon fired, which left a gaping hole in Godzilla's chest and forced him to retreat, with Kiryu unable to pursue due to heavy damage.

Godzilla: Tokyo SOS

With Kiryu still undergoing repairs, Godzilla attacked Tokyo again but was confronted by Mothra. When Mothra lost the upper hand in the battle, Kiryu and Mothra's twin larvae came to her aid. Godzilla damaged Kiryu's transmitter and killed the adult Mothra. The two enraged larvae and the JXSDF held Godzilla back until Kiryu mechanic Yoshito Chujo could make the necessary repairs to Kiryu. Yoshito became trapped inside after a blast from Godzilla's atomic breath melted the maintenance hatch shut. The reactivated Kiryu targeted Godzilla's wound with his new weaponry. Before Kiryu could kill Godzilla, he broke free of the JXSDF's control and chose to fly out to sea with Godzilla and sink them both in the Japan Trench. Before submerging, Kiryu helped Yoshito escape and be rescued by the AC-3 White Herons.

Godzilla Final Wars

After many battles with the Xiliens' mind-controlled monsters, Godzilla was brought to Tokyo Bay where he fought and easily defeated Hedorah and Ebirah. The Gotengo attacked the Xilien Mothership, but was unable to penetrate its shields and found itself occupied by Xilien Fighters. Katsunori Kazama took a Dogfighter and managed destroy the Mothership's generator in a suicide attack, allowing the Gotengo to drill through to the core of the ship and attempt to fire the Maser Cannon. However, the Xiliens teleported on board and killed all of the non-essential crew members, bringing Shinichi Ozaki, Miyuki Otonashi, and Captain Douglas Gordon before the Controller of Planet X. The Controller revealed that the Xiliens aimed to harvest the mitochondria in human cells to survive and were simply demolishing civilization to show humanity its place as "cattle." He also revealed that he and Ozaki were Keizers, the result of humans and Xiliens interbreeding in the past. This is what allowed Ozaki to initially resist the Controller's influence over the Earth Defense Force's Mutants. However, this time the Controller was able to control Ozaki and forced him to attack his allies. Fortunately, Miyuki freed Ozaki from the Controller's influence using the Shobijin's sacred dagger. United Nations Secretary General Naotoro Daigo and EDF Commander Reiko Namikawa escaped captivity aboard the ship and managed to unite with Ozaki and his allies and begin fighting the Xiliens' forces. The Controller meanwhile had summoned the real Gorath asteroid to Earth. Godzilla shot it down with his atomic breath, leveling most of Tokyo in the process, only for its true purpose to become clear once Monster X levitated down from the sky. As Godzilla battled Monster X in Tokyo, the EDF members fought their way back to the Gotengo ran while Ozaki battled the Controller. The Modified Gigan was unleashed to assist Monster X against Godzilla, but Mothra arrived to hold him off, eventually destroying him in a kamikaze attack. Gordon helped his allies defeat the Xiliens trying to stop them and successfully reached the Gotengo, while Ozaki defeated the Controller. However, the Controller rigged the Mothership to explode, and Ozaki barely escaped aboard the Gotengo before it self-destructed. With the Xiliens defeated, Godzilla and Monster X engaged in a beam lock that blasted them both backward. Monster X then transformed into Keizer Ghidorah and turned the battle in his favor, mercilessly tossing Godzilla around the ruins of Tokyo like a ragdoll. As Keizer Ghidorah lifted Godzilla and began to siphon his energy, Ozaki used the Gotengo's Maser Cannon to transfer his Keizer energy into Godzilla, allowing him to free himself from Keizer Ghidorah's grip. The re-energized Godzilla swiftly destroyed two of his enemy's three heads before throwing him into the air and obliterating him with his red spiral atomic breath. After the battle, Godzilla shot down the Gotengo, forcing the crew to exit the craft and confront him. However, Minilla arrived in Tokyo and stood in front of Godzilla, holding out his arms and convincing him to stand down and end his war with humanity. Godzilla obliged and departed the city with Minilla, while Ozaki and his allies looked on.


Godzilla (2014)

After Japanese authorities caught Joe Brody trespassing in the Janjira Q-Zone, they brought him to a jail in Tokyo. His son Ford flew there from San Francisco to pay his bail.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters


To be added.


To be added.

Reiwa era

Shin Godzilla

When the Japanese Coast Guard investigated a small yacht floating in Tokyo Bay, it found the craft abandoned with no sign of a struggle or the owner's whereabouts. Suddenly, the water began to erupt and steam as a strange red liquid flooded the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line. The Japanese government concluded that the disaster was due to an underwater volcanic eruption, but assistant cabinet secretary Rando Yaguchi proposed it was a gigantic living creature, citing footage he had found online. His colleagues dismissed his claims until a huge tail burst out of the bay. As Prime Minister Seiji Okouchi assured the populace that the creature would not surface, he made landfall in Tokyo's Kamata district, stumbling around on his hind legs and pushing himself forward with his tail. After toppling an apartment building, he suddenly reared up on his hind legs and sprouted arms. Okouchi deployed helicopters to attack the beast, only to call them off when he learned civilians were still evacuating the area. As they flew away, the monster returned to the sea.

The Japanese government immediately began formulating strategies to deal with the monster should it return. One informal group including Yaguchi discovered increased radiation levels in the areas Godzilla had rampaged through. An American presidential envoy, Kayoco Anne Patterson, soon contacted them, offering intelligence in exchange for help locating a professor named Goro Maki. The National Police Agency couldn't find him, but discovered that he was the owner of the abandoned yacht. Patterson revealed that Maki was researching the creature for the U.S. Department of Energy when he was still living on the seafloor. The name he gave him read as "Gojira" in Japanese and "Godzilla" in English, meaning "God incarnate" in his hometown of Odo Island. Godzilla, an ancient species of marine life, had mutated after feeding on barrels of nuclear waste deposited in Tokyo Bay in the 1950's. This helped confirm Hiromi Ogashira's theory that he sustained himself through nuclear fission. As a result, he had overheated on land and dove into Tokyo Bay to cool off. Yaguchi's group brainstormed a potential way to defeat him: shut off his internal cooling system. They began to develop the Yaguchi Plan, revolving around a coagulant.

Shortly afterward, Godzilla surfaced in Kamakura and shrugged off a JSDF assault as he reentered Tokyo. With Okouchi's approval, the United States sent three B-2 Spirit stealth bombers to drop bunker buster bombs on Godzilla, visibly injuring him. In response, Godzilla's dorsal fins began glowing purple, and he unleashed an atomic beam from his mouth, obliterating the bombers, the helicopter carrying the Prime Minister and many of his Cabinet members, and large swaths of Tokyo. After expending such a huge amount of energy, Godzilla stopped moving near Tokyo Station and entered a state of hibernation. Yaguchi and his team, all lower-ranking officials evacuating by cars and eventually on foot, survived.

Though Godzilla shot down any drone that approached him, JSDF members were able to obtain cell samples from the bombing run to test the coagulant on. Labs analyzing the samples discovered that large pieces of Godzilla were capable of evolving and potentially taking on lives of their own. Earth could be overrun by a horde of Godzillas if he wasn't stopped in his present form. With this revelation, the United States gave the Japanese government two weeks to evacuate Tokyo, after which they would drop a hydrogen bomb onto Godzilla as part of a United Nations task force. Yaguchi's team scrambled to execute their plan, renamed Operation Yashiori, before this could come to pass. Apart from the help they found throughout Japan, they also obtained Chinese tank trunks, French diplomatic stalling, German processing power, and American firepower.

Operation Yashiori woke up Godzilla a few hours early by detonating trains full of explosives at his feet. From there, waves of drones drew his fire until he ran out of energy. Cruise missiles and planted explosives dropped nearby buildings onto him, knocking him to the ground. Using concrete pump trucks, JSDF troops force-fed Godzilla the blood coagulant. Though he fought back, they were able to freeze over his entire body just in time, leaving him in a state of suspended animation. With Operation Yashiori a success, the Americans called off their nuclear strike, though they warned they would resume their countdown if Godzilla reawakened. Scientists concluded that the half-life of his unique radioactive isotope was only 20 days, allowing Tokyo to recover quickly from the nuclear fallout.

Godzilla Singular Point

To be added.

Godzilla Minus One

To be added.


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