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Isla de Mara is a fictional Mexican island which appears in the 2019 Legendary Pictures Godzilla film, Godzilla: King of the Monsters. It consists of a large active volcano which is the site of Monarch Outpost 56, and a village with a population of 11,125.



Godzilla: King of the Monsters

King Ghidorah roars atop the Isla de Mara volcano.

After she and Alan Jonah had unleashed Monster Zero from Antarctica, Monarch learned that Emma Russell's Osprey was headed for Isla de Mara, Mexico: the site of Outpost 56. Monarch ordered an evacuation of the local village and sent G-Team to help evacuate civilians. In reality, Emma was holed up with Jonah in an old Monarch bunker near Boston and was remotely hacking into Outpost 56 from there. With the containment field disabled, the volcano began to erupt. Finally, Emma activated the Orca and awakened the Titan within: Rodan. In order to keep Rodan away from the village as evacuations continued, a squadron of fighter jets opened fire on the monster while the USS Argo lured him away from the volcano. When Rodan finally took flight in pursuit, he flew over the village, ripping buildings from the ground and launching debris into the air. Rodan took out the fighter jets one-by-one and nearly reached the Argo, which was luring him into the path of Monster Zero. The Argo dove out of the way just in time before Monster Zero and Rodan clashed in midair. Monster Zero overpowered Rodan and blasted him into the sea, then pursued the Argo. However, Godzilla leapt from the water and dragged his foe under. During their underwater clash, Godzilla managed to rip off one of Monster Zero's heads. Before Godzilla could finish him off, the American military launched the Oxygen Destroyer into the sea, seemingly killing Godzilla. Monster Zero, however, emerged from the water and landed atop the Isla de Mara volcano and regenerated his missing head, then roared to the heavens. His roar awakened many of the dormant Titans all over the world and bent them to his will. Even Rodan landed before Monster Zero on the volcano and submitted to him. It became clear that Monster Zero was no ordinary Titan.

Not long after Godzilla returned and finally destroyed Monster Zero, now known as King Ghidorah, in Boston, Jonah and his men traveled to Isla de Mara, where the local fishing industry was ruined thanks to the Oxygen Destroyer having killed all sea life in the area. One of the fisherman had found something else, however; something which interested Jonah. The fisherman brought Jonah and his men to a room in which sat the severed head of Ghidorah that was torn off during their underwater battle. Jonah eyed the head with diabolical intent before saying "We'll take it."


In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flagicon Japan.png Japanese イスラ・デ・マーラ Isura de Māra Transcription of English name


  • Originally, the Mexican volcano in which Monarch discovered Rodan was named Isla de Mona, which is the name of a real island in the Puerto Rican archipelago. The name was eventually changed to Isla de Mara.
  • The scene where civilians of Isla de Mara evacuate from Rodan was filmed at Plaza de Santo Domingo, a plaza located in Mexico City, Mexico.
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