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Map of Antarctica

Antarctica is the least populated and coldest continent on Earth, with temperatures sometimes reaching below -100 degrees Fahrenheit or -73 degrees Celsius. It is featured in several giant monster films.


Godzilla: The Series


Ice Borers attacking Godzilla in Antarctica in the Godzilla: The Series episode "Freeze"

Some people in Antartica discuss with some businessmen to drill for oil in that region, however they soon fell into the earth.News tell of the disappearance of the drills. Later Nick Tatopoulos decides that the tremors experienced in the Antarctica are being caused by a new Mutation, so they head there.When they arrive the Commoil company representative welcomes them, they try to make camp on a plateau, but on the way there, the mysterious ice-monsters take N.I.G.E.L. and almost take Randy Hernandez, they found a Ice Borer attached to his boot, and they capture it.They later believe it is some type of hamster, the Commoil executive believes the hamsters are the responsible of the disappearance of the workers.Later they discover that their captive Borer nicknamed "Cuddles" is missing.Nick and Monique Dupre head back out to retrieve N.I.G.E.L., but they are attacked by two fully grown Ice-Borers, however Godzilla appears but the Ice-Borers, dwarfed next to Godzilla, begin to attack him as a team, and he is defeated.They make liquid Nitrogen guns, and begin to freeze the Ice-Borers in order to defeat them, and they receive help from Godzilla, who is alive. They defeat the Borers, and the lost drillers are rescued.

Millennium era

Godzilla Final Wars

Godzilla in Antarctica in Godzilla Final Wars

Decades ago, the Gotengo engaged Godzilla in Antarctica. Godzilla shot down the ship with his atomic breath and prepared to destroy it once and for all. A crew member, Douglas Gordon, fired a barrage of missiles that created an opening in the ice shelf, causing Godzilla to fall into it. The Gotengo then blasted a nearby mountainside, causing Godzilla to be buried deep underneath tons of ice. Area G was established in Antarctica to contain Godzilla, and there the King of the Monsters would remain dormant for many years.

In 20XX, when the Xiliens launched their full-scale invasion of Earth, the remaining members of the Earth Defense Force, led by Gordon, brought the Gotengo to Antarctica to free Godzilla in a desperate attempt to defeat the Xiliens' army of monsters. When the Controller of Planet X learned about this plan, he sent Gigan to destroy the Gotengo. Gigan attacked the ship but was unable to stop it from firing a missile and freeing Godzilla from his icy prison. Godzilla emerged and battled Gigan, who traps him in barbed wire and pulling him toward his buzzsaw. However, Godzilla blasted the cyborg's head off with his atomic breath. Believing his battle with the Gotengo was still going on, Godzilla followed the ship out of Antarctica and traveled around the world, defeating the Xiliens' mind-controlled monsters one by one.


Godzilla: King of the Monsters

At an unspecified time during Earth's past, Godzilla and King Ghidorah battled for supremacy in Antarctica. Godzilla defeated his three-headed nemesis and sealed him beneath the ice.[1] Before 2014, Monarch discovered Ghidorah sealed beneath the Antarctic ice sheet. Dr. Vivienne Graham led the effort to build a covert containment and research facility around the dormant creature known as Outpost 32.[2] Monarch gave the creature the name "Monster Zero," and the Titan designation Titanus Ghidorah.

In 2019, after obtaining the ORCA, Alan Jonah and his men traveled to Outpost 32, where they gunned down all of the Monarch personnel. They entered the base and found Ghidorah within his frozen tomb. Jonah's men drilled into the ice and planted explosive charges within it, while Emma Russell calibrated the ORCA to Ghidorah. Monarch soon arrived and stormed the outpost, engaging in a firefight with Jonah's men. Emma grabbed the detonator for the charges and pressed it, freeing Ghidorah from the ice. After retreating to their stolen Monarch Osprey, Jonah ordered Emma to awaken Ghidorah with the ORCA. She obliged, and the demonic three-headed dragon rose from the scene. Bewildered, Monarch's G-Team opened fire on Ghidorah's heads as they eyed them curiously before retaliating with devastating gravity beams that vaporized the squad. Ghidorah completely freed himself from the ice and made his way to Monarch's Ospreys, though her daughter Madison used the ORCA to distract him before he attacked them. Godzilla burst out from the ice and challenges Ghidorah, with the two Titans charging at each other. One Osprey is damaged in the battle and unable to take off. The Monarch scientists run to reach G-Team's Osprey amidst Godzilla and Ghidorah's clash. Ghidorah was proving to be more than a match for Godzilla physically, forcing Godzilla to call upon his atomic breath. Ghidorah's heads weaved out of the way of the blast and countered with their gravity beams, which knocked Godzilla off of the ice shelf. Ghidorah resumed terrorizing the humans, devouring Dr. Graham as she and Mark Russell tried to flee to safety. Before he could kill the others, the USS Argo flew overhead and bombarded Ghidorah with missiles. As Godzilla attempted to reenter the battle, Ghidorah took flight and escaped.

Godzilla vs. Kong

After Godzilla attacked the naval fleet transporting Kong to Antarctica and bested him in combat, scores of helicopters and Ospreys carried Kong the rest of the way in a net and set him down near an entrance to the Hollow Earth, one of the Vile Vortexes few in the world that was located near the ruins of Outpost 32. Kong investigated the unfamiliar snow around him, then turned to see Jia standing on a nearby platform. She signed to Kong that his home was through the entrance, but Kong refused to go through. Lind asked Andrews if Kong would go if he thought there were others like him through there. Andrews told Jia to tell Kong his family might be through there, and she obliged. Kong immediately charged through the entry point, and the expedition members pursued him in three HEAVs. Kong swung along the ceiling of the tunnel before falling through a crater, with the HEAVs hot on his tail. After passing through a Vile Vortex, they found themselves within the Hollow Earth.


This is a list of references for Antarctica. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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