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Map of Alaska

Alaska is the largest of the fifty states in the United States of America, and one of the two non-contiguous states alongside Hawaii. It includes a peninsula in northwestern North America, and much of the volcanic Aleutian Islands. It has been featured in some kaiju media, including the Godzilla franchise.


Showa era

Godzilla vs. Megalon

American underground nuclear testing was being carried out on Asuka Island in the Aleutian Islands. Tremors from the test crossed the Pacific Ocean, leaving Monster Island devastated and damaging the capital city of Seatopia, the latter of which angered the people of this ancient civilization and prompted their plans to invade the surface with their god, Megalon.

Hanna-Barbera's Godzilla

"The Firebird"

The Firebird amongst a volcano on Pitkin

On one of the Aleutian Islands of Pitkin, geologists were analyzing seismic activity, when a once dormant volcano erupted. Amid their panic, the Firebird, a massive reptilian bird monster, roared as she emerged from the volcano's crater for a brief moment.

The crew of the Calico arrived at Pitkin after receiving a distress call from the two geologists, and rescued them from an oncoming lava flow. With the concern of more eruptions along the Aleutian Islands predicted and with it the danger of powerful tidal waves, the Calico Crew descended down a tunnel to the core of the volcano to investigate the source of the seismic activity. The crew found what they were searching for when they were attacked by the Firebird, who emerged from the magma within. The crew retreated back up the tunnel, pursued by the Firebird as she surfaced from the top of the volcano once again, and they called Godzilla to fight the threat. The two clashed with each other extensively before Godzilla fell off of a cliff and into the surrounding ocean. The Firebird seized her chance to escape and flew away to the Arctic to lay her eggs.

Godzilla: The Series

"End of the Line"

Godzilla (right) with Komodithrax (left)

After an attack by a Giant Turtle during a romantic cruise off the Alaskan coast, Nick Tatopoulos and Audrey Timmonds washed up on a deserted island in the Aleutian Islands. As they ventured onto the island further, they were attacked by the Giant Turtle once again, but Komodithrax appeared and defeated it, trapping it in ice after firing her atomic breath at the top of an ice sheet. Soon after, the other members of H.E.A.T., along with Godzilla, arrived on the island. Godzilla and Komodithrax performed a mating dance, after which Godzilla planned to serve as a surrogate father to Komodithrax's egg. However, the U.S. military saw this as a concern, and called for an air strike on the island. H.E.A.T. intervened with a H.E.A.T. Copter to stop them from firing on Komodithrax, while drawing Godzilla away from the island with N.I.G.E.L.. The situation heated up when the Giant Turtle attacked again, targeting Komodithrax. The mutant Komodo Dragon was incapacitated this time, and the turtle took her egg. Godzilla returned to the nest and found his mate knocked out, and went after the Giant Turtle to reclaim the egg. After a brief battle, the Giant Turtle bested Godzilla as well. However, Komodithrax engaged the Giant Turtle once again, and was able to flip the mutant turtle into a chasm in the ice, but she too fell through it in the process along with her egg. Godzilla regained consciousness, and mourned the loss of his mate and his child to-be. Soon after, Major Anthony Hicks arrived on the scene and called off the air strike, and Godzilla and H.E.A.T. left the island.


Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

"Secrets and Lies"
The Frost Vark in Alaska

After recalling where Hiroshi Randa's flight was last tracked and comparing coordinates on Bill Randa's map, Cate and Kentaro Randa, May Olowe-Hewitt, Lee Shaw, and Du-Ho flew to Alaska to find Hiroshi, Cate and Kentaro's father. After a rough but successful landing amid a storm, the group found the scattered remains of Hiroshi's plane and a nearby tent. Suddenly, a Frost Vark attacked them, damaging Du-Ho's plane with a swipe of its claws as he attempted to help the others escape, and freezing the plane's nose and cockpit with Du-Ho inside as the mole-like Titan inhaled all of the heat from the front of the vehicle.

"Parallels and Interiors"

Lee, Cate, May, and Kentaro fled from the Frost Vark as it continued to attack. Kentaro noticed a nearby flare gun and attempted to shoot the Frost Vark with it. Though he missed his target, he nonetheless managed to distract the Titan, allowing the group to hide in a cave nearby. The Frost Vark left after briefly searching from them, but the tremors it produced during its hunt broke the ice beneath May, exposing her leg to freezing water below. The group moved onward at a slower pace for May in order to help her overcome hypothermia. As night set, Lee noted that heading northwest would be most the likely route to encounter people. Kentaro mentioned a large round building near the plane which he had spotted while they were still in the air, but found he was the only one who noticed it. After climbing a hill, the group could not spot the building. The group split up; Kentaro went to look for the building, while the others went towards a blue light Cate spotted. Kentaro fell prone to the cold and collapsed; meanwhile, Cate, May, and Lee found themselves in the same valley the Frost Vark had attacked them in, with Lee determining that the light behind the hill was caused by the Frost Vark. The three set a fire in the area to warm May. Meanwhile, Kentaro found the spherical building amid hallucinations of his father, and went inside, coming across pencil shavings and a repaired radio as evidence of Hiroshi's previous presence. As a helicopter approached the valley where Lee, Cate, and May were, the Frost Vark attacked the trio once again. Lee was able to distract the Titan with fire, allowing the three to reach the helicopter after it landed, and they were reunited with Kentaro. The helicopter began to fly away, narrowly missing the Frost Vark attempting a lunge at it, while Lee noticed a portal to the Hollow Earth. When the helicopter landed, the group were met by Monarch members Tim and Michelle Duvall, backed by armed guards.

"The Way Out"

Following the landing, the group was detained in separate cells at Monarch's Alaskan command post. Duvall talked with May, mentioning that the Frost Vark was a newly identified Titan, while revealing May's true identity, and left a card by May's bed while suggesting that the latter help Monarch. Duvall, Tim, and Deputy Director Natalia Verdugo spoke with each other; they eventually had Cate, Kentaro, and May released, but kept Lee detained at the command post. Tim dropped Cate, Kentaro, and May off at Nome Airport, gave them new passports and other travel essentials, and warned them to return to their old lives and leave their search behind. Afterwards, he left with Duvall. As Tim secretly planned, the three decided to remain together, and left for San Francisco to find Hiroshi's old office.

Back at the Monarch command post, Verdugo interrogated Lee about the kids, the files, and his intentions. Watching them, Duvall asked how Shaw could look as young as he does when he was one of Monarch's first members. Tim mentioned a classified mission, which was Lee's expedition into Axis Mundi. During the interrogation, Lee explained that the reason for his attempted escape was due to how he viewed Monarch as having been misguided and having taken little action during G-Day. Lee was released by some guards as Duvall spoke with May on the phone.

"Will the Real May Please Stand Up?"

Lee Shaw returned to Alaska to close up the Hollow Earth entrance he spotted by setting off explosives around it. These explosives attracted the Frost Vark, which attempted to attack a low flying helicopter until it got caught in one of the explosions. The hole quickly began to close, drawing in the Frost Vark and all within proximity into it, until it exploded. Lee looked rather pleased with the results.



After surfacing off the coast of Alaska, Godzilla proceeded to attack the Alaskan Pipeline, and S.H.I.E.L.D. dispatched a battalion to stop him. In spite of the force's arsenal, the attempt to defeat Godzilla failed, and the King of the Monsters destroyed them. With that, Godzilla moved on unscathed, heading south to Seattle.

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth

In a remote part of Alaska, Anguirus emerged from underground after resting for several years. The kaiju spotted what looked like Godzilla standing in the snow, and curiously walked over to it. However, Dyachenko remotely shed the impostor's disguise, and in a flash, it was revealed to be Mechagodzilla. The robot promptly attacked Anguirus, overwhelming its opponent with Finger Missile shots, before stamping him against, and blasting him once again with Finger Missiles and a Space Beam blast. Anguirus fought tenaciously, but the Fierce Dragon was ultimately beaten to near death by the Robot Monster. Mechagodzilla had sustained damage from the battle after a tail whip to the head from Anguirus and being plowed into by him however, and so Gyachenko had that unit recalled. With that, Mechagodzilla flew back to Russia. After the battle, the severely wounded Anguirus managed to travel to the Kamchatka Peninsula.


Godzilla 2000

A shaman in Alaska had prophesied the awakening of the Pteranodon monster Rodan, who he identified as the Thunderbird of Native American legend. One night in Ninunak, Alaska, he had foreseen Rodan's awakening in a dream shortly before the kaiju appeared in the skies above him, producing powerful gusts of wind across the ground below. Rodan flew towards the city of Fairbanks and was engaged by a group of fighter jets. However, the kaiju quickly neutralized them as he flew to Canada.


  • Every American Godzilla television series has featured at least one episode that takes place in Alaska.
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