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A Landing Ship exploding over Tau Ceti e in GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters.

Tau Ceti e, also known as Planet Tau e (タウ (イー),   Tau ī Hoshi) or simply Tau e (タウ (イー),   Tau ī), is a rocky exoplanet roughly three times as large as Earth located in orbit around the star Tau Ceti in the constellation Cetus which was discovered in 2012. Tau Ceti e is among the nearest exoplanets to the Solar System, as both it and its parent star are approximately 12 light years from Earth. It appears in the 2017 animated film GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters.


Reiwa era

GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters

At the time thought to be a planet which could support human life, Tau Ceti e was selected alongside Kepler-452b by the United Earth as a suitable home for humanity after the Earth was devastated by Godzilla. In 2048, the Aratrum and Oratio were launched into space to begin the long journey of reaching the two planets, with Tau Ceti e chosen as the Aratrum's destination. Upon arriving at the planet after 22 years of space travel, the Aratrum deployed a Landing Ship containing several elderly volunteers to check if the planet's surface was inhabitable. Captain Haruo Sakaki protested the decision, believing the passengers were coerced into a suicide mission so the Central Committee could lessen the amount of elderly on the ship. Haruo sealed himself inside the landing ship with several explosives and demanded the mission be called off. He was contacted by Daichi Tani, his adoptive grandfather and one of the volunteers, who explained that he and the others were not coerced and really wanted to go to Tau e. Daichi explained that they could no longer tolerate life aboard the Aratrum, and that when he died he wanted it to be on solid land. Haruo was calmed just enough for several soldiers to breach the ship and arrest him. The mission was carried out, with Haruo watching the Landing Ship's descent from his prison cell. Shortly after entering Tau e's atmosphere, the Landing Ship exploded, killing all aboard. Later, Master Sergeant Yuko Tani informed Haruo that the explosives he had planted aboard the shuttle were still unaccounted for, even though the Central Committee claimed they were recovered. She acknowledged the possibility that Haruo's suspicions were correct and that the Committee sabotaged the mission, though Haruo said he didn't want to believe the Committee was that corrupt.

GODZILLA: The Planet Eater

During Metphies' telepathic manipulation of Haruo, he revealed that he provided the bombs that destroyed the Landing Ship. Haruo witnessed a vision of Metphies giving a smiling elderly passenger a belt of explosives. Both then performed the traditional act of reverence in Exif culture, bowing their heads and placing the tips of their fingers on their foreheads, implying that many or all of the passengers had willingly allowed themselves to die in the name of the Exif religion. Everyone on the ship then appeared before Haruo, smiling, including his grandfather Daichi Tani. Daichi reassured Haruo that they happily gave their lives, saying that if their lives were to be only made up of suffering then the best thing to do would be to end them. Whether or not the vision Metphies subjected Haruo to was the truth is unclear, as he may have fabricated it to further his case for Haruo to give into Ghidorah's influence.


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