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Satan Atoll in chapter 1 of the Godzilla, King of the Monsters manga.

Satan Atoll (サタン (かん) (しょう),   Satan Kanshō), nicknamed Oniyama Island ( (おに) (やま) (とう),   Oniyama-tō), is a fictional volcanic island in the Marshall Islands archipelago which appears in the 1992 Kodansha manga series Godzilla, King of the Monsters.


Godzilla, King of the Monsters

A site of frequent nuclear testing, Satan Atoll was believed uninhabited, but in fact housed the secret laboratory of mad scientist Mad Oniyama. After retrieving a tissue sample from the corpse of the subterranean monster Baragon who was defeated at Mount Shirane by Frankenstein in 1965, Oniyama used his lab to extract DNA from it to create a modified clone called Sea Baragon. Later, following the destruction of his pawns Mechagodzilla III and Mechani-Kong II, Oniyama retreated to the island to study Godzilla and remotely observe the attack of an oil field by his latest monster, Rodan. Determining Godzilla's weakness to be the cold, Oniyama took off to set his latest scheme into motion.

While piloting the cyborg monster Neo Gigan against Godzilla, a defeated Oniyama ejected Gigan's head and began flying back toward Satan Atoll. Luckily, G-Team soldier Yosuke Kaneko managed to plant a tracking device on Gigan's head during the battle, allowing for a fleet of UN fighter jets to pursue Oniyama to the island. The jets launched a series of missiles at the island in an attempt to destroy Oniyama's laboratory, but were shot down by blasts of atomic breath from the ocean below. The culmination of Oniyama's mad experiments, a hybrid clone of Godzilla dubbed King Godzilla emerged from the sea and blasted the transport plane Yosuke, his brother Hideo and Dr. Linda Miller were occupying with gravity beams from his King Ghidorah heads. Yosuke launched from the downed aircraft in his ASTOL-MB93 in an attempt to fight the monster, but appeared to also be shot down, thus leaving Hideo and Miller stranded on Oniyama's island. Suddenly, Godzilla himself emerged from the waters to challenge his modified doppelganger. Godzilla was no match, however, being restrained by a combination of King Godzilla's Ghidorah heads and his vice-like bite, then dropped on a bed of spikes situated on Satan Atoll. After returning to G-Team headquarters and finding that Yosuke had in fact survived, Hideo and Miller helped him to co-pilot the robot Machine G in a counterattack on King Godzilla. Upon returning to the island, where Godzilla still laid impaled, Machine G engaged King Godzilla in an aerial battle but was ultimately bested. Miraculously, Godzilla regained consciousness and confronted King Godzilla for a final battle. After an intense struggle, Godzilla managed to steer King Godzilla headfirst into a volcano, causing them both to disappear beneath the pool of magma. As the team stood in awe, Miller assured them that Godzilla would one day return.


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