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King Godzilla
King Godzilla's complete form
King Godzilla as a clone of Godzilla
Alternate names King Gojira
Bio Monster
Subtitle(s) Coalesced Monster (合体怪獣,   Gattai Kaijū)
Species Godzillasaurus-Ghidorah-Battra-Biollante Tetra-hybrid
Controlled by Mad Oniyama
Relations Godzilla, King Ghidorah III, Battra,
Neo Biollante (Component donors)
Allies Mad Oniyama
Enemies Godzilla, Machine G
First appearance Godzilla, King of the Monsters
You bastards... However, I will not lose. I have finished my Invincible Super-Monster — King Godzilla!

Mad Oniyama, Godzilla, King of the Monsters Volume 2, Chapter 9: "The Greatest Battle in History: Part One (Godzilla vs. King Godzilla)"

King Godzilla (キングゴジラ,   Kingu Gojira) is a fusion-enhanced Godzilla clone kaiju created by the mad scientist Mad Oniyama in Kodansha's Godzilla, King of the Monsters manga series.


King Godzilla's name is a simple combination of the monster's two most prominent components, King Ghidorah and Godzilla. Oniyama also refers to his creation as Bio Monster at several points during the two chapters of the manga which feature King Godzilla.


King Godzilla's initial form as a clone of Godzilla is visually identical to his original counterpart.

King Godzilla is a chimera of Godzilla, King Ghidorah and Battra. Instead of arms, he has King Ghidorah's left and right necks and heads. He possesses Godzilla's body, but his legs are from King Ghidorah. Finally, he has Battra's wings and brain. King Godzilla is also bulkier than his normal counterpart, and has a more pronounced breastbone. If King Godzilla's chest is destroyed, he reveals that he actually has a fourth component, Biollante's DNA. This manifests in the form of her head, which erupts out of his chest.


Godzilla, King of the Monsters

King Godzilla began life as a pure clone of Godzilla grown from cells gathered during Godzilla's fight against Neo Gigan which Oniyama used his technology to control. While following the clone with a submarine, Oniyama located the frozen body of Battra in the Arctic Ocean and commanded the Godzilla clone to retrieve it. Oniyama then modified the clone with Battra and King Ghidorah's DNA to create King Godzilla, then cut off his own head[1] to personally control his new creation from within. King Godzilla surfaced from the sea off the coast of Oniyama's secret island Satan Atoll to attack a United Nations escort, first destroying the F-14 fighter jets that had been bombarding his laboratory, then shooting down the plane Hideo Kaneko and his friends were on, which crashed into the shores of the island.

King Godzilla began menacing the downed humans on Oniyama's command, until Godzilla suddenly appeared, and immediately challenged King Godzilla to a fight. Weakened by his near-constant battles, Godzilla failed to avoid most of King Godzilla's attacks, but managed to rip off one of King Godzilla's Ghidorah arms. Eventually, King Godzilla lifted Godzilla into the air and dropped him onto a set of spikes, mortally wounding him.

With no opposition, Oniyama commanded King Godzilla to begin attacking Japan, and after regenerating from its injuries King Godzilla rampaged, firing a combination of Godzilla's atomic breath and King Ghidorah's gravity beams to devastate a city with a single shot.

Realizing they would have to continue the fight, Hideo, Yosuke, and Linda Miller went to G-Team's HQ, where they then took command of Machine G and set off to challenge Oniyama at Satan Atoll. Meanwhile, on the shores of the island, Godzilla lay lifeless while impaled upon the spikes, when a sudden lightning strike hit him, energising his body.

In a dramatic aerial confrontation at the summit of Satan Atoll's volcano, the mech used its twin masers to deal devastating damage to King Godzilla. Machine G managed to blow a hole straight through King Godzilla's chest, but then the kaiju combination unleashed its most powerful weapon yet, the head of Neo Biollante. King Godzilla used Neo Biollante's head to fire a powerful jet of sap at Machine G, destroying its twin maser cannons, before performing a devastating aerial charge, knocking the mecha down. King Godzilla began to crush Machine G's head under his foot, but Godzilla arrived on the scene and intervened, having recovered from his injuries with the help of the lightning strike.

After destroying King Godzilla's Neo Biollante head, Godzilla knew that he would need to take immediate action if he was to defeat King Godzilla and Oniyama for good. Shooting King Godzilla down when he tried to mount an attack from the air, Godzilla then jumped up to catch King Godzilla and proceeded to grapple with Oniyama's creation. He then leapt over the edge of the volcano's crater while continuing to hold King Godzilla in his vice-like grip. Plunging into the boiling magma, Godzilla had secured his victory against his modified double and its creator; all three disappeared below the surface of the molten rock.

While it seemed that Godzilla had vanished, Hideo wished for him to return one day, a statement Godzilla echoed, as he assured that should Oniyama return, he would come back to defend Japan once again.


King Godzilla's Biollante Head

Atomic Breath

King Godzilla can use Atomic Breath, identical to that of Godzilla.

Gravity Beams

King Godzilla can fire Gravity Beams from his Ghidorah hands, and do so in tandem with his atomic breath. King Godzilla can also combine his Gravity Beams with his Atomic Breath to create a combination beam capable of causing gigantic explosions.

Neo Biollante Sap Jet

After regenerating his chest and activating Neo Biollante's DNA to grow her head, King Godzilla can shoot a jet of radioactive sap from Biollante's jaws. While it wasn't used against Godzilla, owing to the latter blowing off the head to stop King Godzilla from destroying Machine G, the sap was able to corrode away Machine G's maser cannons in seconds, leaving the machine unable to defend itself against a devastating charge from the chimera.

Physical Strength

King Godzilla can lift things equal to or greater than his own weight, including other kaiju such as Godzilla. King Godzilla can also use the necks of his Ghidorah hands to strangle or ensnare opponents.


King Godzilla can fly using his Battra wings and slam into opponents.


King Godzilla boasts supreme levels of regeneration, being able to regrow conscious Ghidorah heads in just a few minutes between losing them. If King Godzilla's chest is critically wounded, he will repair it by growing the head of Neo Biollante.

Human and kaiju communication

After he wired his head into King Godzilla's body, Doctor Oniyama was able to communicate with both Godzilla and the G-Team through King Godzilla's mouth as well as understand them.



  • King Godzilla is the third and final monster created specifically by Kodansha for the manga, with the others being Sea Baragon and Machine G.


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