Mad Oniyama

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Mad Oniyama
Dr. Mad Oniyama in Godzilla, King of the Monsters
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Mad scientist
First appearance Godzilla, King of the Monsters
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Dr. Mad Oniyama (マッド鬼山,   Maddo Oniyama) is the main antagonist of the 1992 Kodansha Godzilla manga Godzilla, King of the Monsters. An extremely skilled mad scientist, Oniyama revives and modifies numerous monsters for use in his plans to take over the Earth, only for his efforts to be repeatedly foiled by Godzilla and a group of humans.


Godzilla, King of the Monsters

"Challenge from Mad Oniyama!"

As part of his first plan to attack humanity, Oniyama began developing a clone of the first Baragon, using DNA harvested from its body following the monster's death during its battle against Frankenstein. The resultant clone, given amphibious modifications, was named Sea Baragon, and was deployed from Oniyama's secret island base, Satan Atoll. With Oniyama controlling the monster from a close distance in a compact submarine, Sea Baragon menaced shipping in the waters off the coast of Izu Oshima, ravaging any freighters that happened to get too close. After Sea Baragon was provoked into surfacing by Yosuke Kaneko, the monster began menacing the G-Team pilot's younger brother, Hideo Kaneko, and his friends. Suddenly, Godzilla emerged from the surf, and immediately challenged Sea Baragon to a battle.

As Godzilla clambered ashore, Oniyama had Sea Baragon immediately rush Godzilla, goring the Monster King in the chest with his elongated horn. Though Godzilla was left injured by this attack, He managed to snap Sea Baragon's horn in half, rendering his adversary's only weapon completely useless. Nevertheless, Sea Baragon attempted to continue the fight, leaping towards Godzilla, only to be grabbed by the tail, swung around, then immolated with a shot of Atomic Breath. Defeated, Oniyama set a course back for Satan Atoll to begin his next plan.

"Godzilla's Angry Atomic Breath"

Now aware that Godzilla was the greatest hindrance to his plans, Oniyama acquired two new monsters: Neo Biollante, a new, already transformed incarnation of the original who attacked in 1989, and Megalon. In an effort to make Biollante stronger, Oniyama constructed a set of water tanks in the Japanese countryside that would supply her with a constant dosage of water, allowing her to carry out a new attack in which her vines could form a cage. Disguised as a farmer, Oniyama watched as Hideo and Yosuke drove past in an SUV, having spotted Godzilla heading inland. Biollante's vines then suddenly emerged from the ground and engaged Godzilla in battle, with Biollante herself making her presence known not long afterwards. Thanks to Oniyama's water tanks, Biollante was able to trap Godzilla in the cage, leaving him open to a sequence of brutal attacks from Megalon that left him seriously injured and depleted of resolve. However, the plan began to fall apart when Yosuke deliberately crashed the SUV into the water tanks, destroying them and leaving Biollante weakened. Frustrated, Oniyama revealed his presence to the duo, then departed on a jetpack, leaving Godzilla to take out the two monsters unhindered.

"The Mecha Monsters' Mayhem (Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla and Mechani-Kong)"

While exploring the excavations for the then-unfinished Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line, Oniyama discovered an "electronic brain" deep within the tunnels under Tokyo Bay, and used this remarkable piece of technology as the basis for a newly rebuilt Mechagodzilla, which he named Mechagodzilla III. He then sent the robot along with Mechani-Kong II to ambush Godzilla. After giving Mechagodzilla III the command to 'shred Godzilla' from a secret control room, Oniyama then used the confusion to abduct Hideo's friends to lure him into a trap, and when the latter arrived to free the hostages, Oniyama suddenly appeared armed with a submachine gun. Fortunately, before he could fire the weapon, a group of G-Team operatives arrived, with one of the soldiers shooting the gun out of Oniyama's hands. As the mad scientist made good his escape, his two robots were left vulnerable, and Godzilla, who had endured their assault, quickly made light work of Mechani-Kong II. Mechagodzilla III put up more of a fight, however, stunning Godzilla using its Space Beams and Finger Missiles, but Yosuke used his ASTOL-MB93 to fire a precise shot from its Maser Cannons to the machine's Super Radar, leaving it completely defenceless and, at last, Godzilla was able to bring down his mechanical doppelganger for good.



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