Supreme Ruler Smeller

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Supreme Ruler Smeller / Nunchuck
Nunchuck in Megaloman
Subtitle(s) Coalescence Monster
(合体怪獣,   Gattai Kaijū)
Forms Supreme Ruler Smeller, Nunchuck
Controlled by Captain Dagger
Relations Captain Dagger (Adoptive son)
Allies Captain Dagger
Enemies Megaloman
Played by Ritsuo Sawa (Smeller)
First appearance Megaloman episode 1:
"Burn Up! Flaming Superman"
Latest appearance Megaloman episode 11:
"The Fortress Planet Approaches Earth!"
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Supreme Ruler Smeller (スメラー総統,   Sumerā Sōtō) is a character created by Toho that first appears in episode 1 of the 1979 tokusatsu kaiju series, Megaloman, titled "Burn Up! Flaming Superman." He is later transformed in to the kaiju Nunchuck (ヌンチャック,   Nunchakku) by Captain Dagger in episode 11, titled "The Fortress Planet Approaches Earth!."



Supreme Ruler Smeller being turned into Nunchuck.

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Limb Detachment

As Nunchuck, Smeller can detach his arms and tail to strike opponents like a flail. Once he is finished with them, he can simply retract them.


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