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Zaninga in Megaloman
Species Coalescence Monster
Length 71 meters[1]
Weight 3,800 metric tons[1]
Controlled by Captain Dagger
Enemies Megaloman
First appearance Megaloman episode 3:
"Roar! Space Kenpo"

Zaninga (ザニンガ,   Zaninga) is a coalescence kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 3 of the 1979 tokusatsu kaiju show, Megaloman titled "Roar! Space Kenpo."


Zaninga is dinosaurian in appearance, most closely resembling a Triceratops or other ceratopsid, characterized by their elaborate horns and frills. Zaninga fits this description, possessing a large orange neck frill and curved tusks.



"Roar! Space Kenpo"

Zaninga first appeared from a pink meteor-like orb which crash landed into a body of water. The capsule released Zaninga who set off for a rampage. Eventually, Takeshi Shishido flew after the monster and transformed into Megaloman. They commenced battle, ending with Zaninga being beaten and retreating underground. It dug to a city and began destroying it without interference from Megaloman. However, Rosemary kept tabs on the monster and notified Takeshi of its location. Megaloman flew to Zaninga's location and they continued battle. This time, Zaninga was able to push Megaloman into a power line, giving itself enough time to once again burrow. Just as before, Zaninga reappeared at a different location which Megaloman flew to. This pattern repeated once more, and their battle finally ended with Zaninga's destruction to Megaloman's 'Megalo Fire'.



Zaninga's horns can be used to charge at an enemy and cause impalement. If the take damage, they can regenerate after a period of time.

Tail Strength

Zaninga's tail is separated into two sections towards the end. This tail also possesses extreme strength as it was used to strangle and toss Megaloman around.


Zaninga is capable of burrowing into the ground and digging extremely long tunnels to different locations. This was shown multiple times throughout the episode.

Yellow Gas

Zaninga can fire a burst of explosive yellow gas from its mouth.


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Zaninga reuses the roars of the Ultraman kaiju, Zambolar.



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