Michihiro Ikemizu

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Michihiro Ikemizu
Michihiro Ikemizu in 2020
Born April 11, 1943
Kanagawa, Japan
Occupation Voice actor, actor, Japan Actors Union managing director
First work Tokyo Metropolitan Police
episode 372 (TV 1968)
Notable work Mobile Police Patlabor
(TV 1989-1990)
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Michihiro Ikemizu (池水 通洋,   Ikemizu Michihiro), often miscredited as Michihiro Ikenaga (池永 通洋,   Ikenaga Michihiro), is a Japanese actor and voice actor. Though he is perhaps best remembered for his anime roles, such as the voices of Isao Ota in the Mobile Police Patlabor franchise and Onsen-Mark in the Urusei Yatsura movies, he is known in the tokusatsu world for having provided the voices of various monsters and heroes in the 1970s. These include a slew of kaijin from the original Kamen Rider; Arashi for much of Arashi the Ninja; Mad Go-Ne, Jumborg 9, and Jumborg Ace in Jumborg Ace; Captain Dagger and Megaloman in Megaloman; and Fireman, among others. He also starred as Moonlight Mask in the anime series The Man Who Loves Justice: Moonlight Mask, based on the tokusatsu hero by Kohan Kawauchi.

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  1. Ikemizu is credited inconsistently for his role as the voice of Mad Go-Ne. He goes uncredited in episodes 13, 14, and 28. He is credited as "voice of Mad Go-Ne" in episodes 15 and 29-32. In episodes 16 and 18, he is credited simply as "Mad Go-Ne" with no suit actor listed. In episodes 17, 19, and 23-27, he is dually credited as "Mad Go-Ne" with either Sakon Shimura or Kanemitsu Arikawa. In episodes 20-22, he is credited as simply "voice" next to Shimura as Mad Go-Ne.


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