Owen Paterson

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Owen Paterson
Owen Paterson
First work Silvana (1978)
Notable work The Matrix (1999)

Owen Paterson is an Australian production designer. He was the production designer for Legendary Pictures' Godzilla and Godzilla vs. Kong.



OWEN PATERSON (Production Designer) is a two-time BAFTA nominee for his work on the 1999 sci-fi thriller “The Matrix,” and his designs on Stephan Elliott’s flamboyant comedy “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.” For the latter, he was also awarded the Australian Film Institute (AFI) Award, the third of three nominations he has received for the prize. For his work on “The Matrix,” he also collected AFI and Art Directors Guild nominations. Paterson worked on the complete “Matrix” trilogy.

The Western Australia native studied his craft at the Perth Institute of Film and Television and directed a short film in 1978 called “Silvana” before embarking on his design career. He reunited with director Elliott on his very next project, the 1995 comedy “Welcome to Woop Woop,” and also counts among his design credits Michel Gondry’s “The Green Hornet,” the sci-fi thriller “Red Planet,” as well as the Wachowskis' “Speed Racer” and their production of the dystopian thriller “V for Vendetta,” for which he won Best Production Design from the San Diego Film Critics Society.

Paterson also designed several indigenous Australian productions that include “Race the Sun,” “Travelling North” and “The Place at the Coast,” for which he was AFI-nominated. Additionally, he served as art director on the Australian features “The Return of Captain Invincible” and “Bliss,” earning his first AFI nomination for the latter film.

His television credits include Roger Spottiswoode’s “Noriega: God’s Favorite,” the NBC thriller “The Beast” (based on the Peter Benchley novel), “Shout! The Story of Johnny O’Keefe” and Chris Noonan’s “The Riddle of the Stinson.”


ステファン・エリオット監督の華やかなコメディ『プリシラ』(94)と、ウォシャウスキー兄弟(当時)のSFスリラー『マトリックス』(99)の美術で英国アカデミー賞に2度ノミネートされた。『マトリックス』ではアメリカ美術監督組合賞にもノミネートされ、「マトリックス」三部作(99,03)すべてにおいて監督の未来の世界観をデザインした。そのほかに美術を担当した主な映画には、『Vフォー・ヴェンデッタ』(05)、『スピード・レーサー』(08)、『レッド プラネット』(00)、『グリーン・ホーネット』(11)などがある。

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