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You're not you when you're hungry. Snickers satisfies.®

— Snickers® slogan

Snickers is a brand name chocolate bar made by Mars, Inc. and a sponsor of Legendary Pictures' Godzilla and Godzilla vs. Kong.


Snickers has made one Godzilla commercial.

Snickers® - "Godzilla"

The Godzilla Snickers commercial starts with Godzilla and four other guys just standing around a yellow car in the sand of a lake surrounded by mountains. A girl walks by and waves at Godzilla while smiling. The guys Godzilla is hanging out with are impressed by Godzilla's abilities to attract girls and high-five him, saying "How do you do it?!" and "Yeah, Godzilla!".

The next scene shows Godzilla and the guys driving four-wheelers in a desert-like area. Godzilla speeds by the guys and jumps up some higher land as the guys cheer him on. The next scene shows Godzilla playing table tennis with them. Godzilla and a guy hit the ball back at each other three times, with Godzilla hitting the ball off the table the fourth time.

The next scene, in the full version, shows Godzilla and three of the four guys holding a cooler full of ice. They pour the ice on top of the fourth guy, who was lying on the sand.

The next scene shows Godzilla partying and dancing with a girl half his size. A guy tells another guy "Godzilla's actually pretty cool!". The other guy nods in agreement, but adds "Except when he's hungry." The original guy smiles and nods, looking to Godzilla.

The next scene shows Godzilla, now several stories high, firing his atomic breath at a taxi and rampaging through the city. The taxi lands near the four guys, and one of them says "Quick, grab a Snickers!". The northernmost guy unwraps a Snickers chocolate bar slightly and throws it into Godzilla's mouth. The chocolate bar successfully lands on Godzilla's mouth, which he closes and makes an "mmm" sound to.

In the next scene, Godzilla is waterboarding at the lake, and he skips across the guys, now accompanied by the girl seen previously, and soaks them in water. They cheer Godzilla on as he gives a thumbs up. The Snickers® slogan shows up, and the 2014 film is advertised at the very end.


Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Godzilla Puppeteers   Michael Manzel, Bruce Mitchell
  • Client   Snickers, Mars North America
  • Brand Director, Snickers   Allison Miazga-Bedrick
  • Sr. Brand Manager, Snickers   Steve Finnie
  • Agency   BBDO, NY
  • Chief Creative Officer, Worldwide   David Lubars
  • Chief Creative Officer, New York   Greg Hahn
  • Creative Director/VP   Alex Taylor
  • Creative Director/VP   Jason Stefanik
  • Creative Directors   Gianfranco Arena, Peter Kain
  • Producer   Amy Wertheimer
  • SVP, Senior Account Director   Kathryn Brown
  • Executive Music Producer   Loren Parkins
  • Account Director   Josh Steinman, David Rolfe
  • Production Company   Smith and Jones
  • Director   Ulf Johansson
  • Executive Producer   Philippa Smith
  • Line Producer   Justine Madero
  • Production Supervisor   Tim Kreis
  • Assistant Production Supervisor   Andrea Panda
  • 1st AD   Sean Cotter
  • 2nd AD   Ian Stoker
  • 2nd 2nd   Mitch Jones
  • Director of Photography   Andrejz Sekula
  • Camera Operator   Matt Baker
  • 1st AC ‘A’ Cam   EJ Misisco
  • 1st AC ‘B’ Cam   Paul Santoni
  • 2nd AC   Tyler Emmett
  • DIT   Will Chung
  • Key Costumer   Matt Goldman
  • 2nd Costumer   Lindy McMichael
  • Key Make-Up   Jane Choi
  • Production Designer   Chris Gorak
  • Assistant Art Director   Tracy Gaydos
  • Leadman   John Goetchius
  • Set Dressers   Doug O’Conor, Erik Mulet
  • On Set Dresser   Jesse Mexia
  • Drivers/Set Dressers   Eric Erslan, Glen Kennedy
  • Propmaster   Chris Wright
  • Prop Maker   Mark Summit
  • Assistant Props   Gilles De Baillenx
  • SFPX Coordinator   Dave Petersen
  • Editorial   Mackenzie Cutler
  • Editor   Ian Mackenzie
  • Assistant Editor   Nick Divers
  • Director of Operations   Biz Lynskey
  • Producer   Evan Meeker
  • Script Supervisor   Lisa Bobonis
  • Visual Effects   MPC NY
  • VFX Supervisor   Alex Lovejoy


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Douglas Tait   as   Godzilla
  • Jermaine Williams   as   Godzilla Friend #1
  • Arnie Pantoja   as   Godzilla Friend #2
  • Matt Mider   as   Godzilla Friend #3
  • John Druska   as   Godzilla Friend #4
  • Adrienne Rusk   as   Girl on Beach


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