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Toho Co., Ltd. Products &
Licensing Department
The TOHO Visual Entertainment logo

Type Multimedia distributor/publisher
Status Active
Lead by Keiji Ota
1-2-2 Yuraku, Chiyoda
Tokyo, Japan 100-8415
Also known as Toho Video, DVD Toho
Parent company Toho Company, Limited
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TOHO Visual Entertainment, formally the Toho Co., Ltd. Products & Licensing Department (東宝株式会社映像事業部,   Tōhō Kabushiki Gaisha Eizō Jigyōbu, lit. "Toho Co., Ltd. Video Department"),[a][b] is a division of Toho Company, Limited which handles home video distribution, print publication, and anime film distribution. It is presided over by Toho managing executive officer Keiji Ota, who also doubles as the company's chief Godzilla officer. As such, TOHO Visual is home to the Godzilla Strategic Conference, which is tasked with developing future projects for the Godzilla brand.

As a video distributor, TOHO Visual was formerly known as Toho Video, and has released countless of Toho's films on various formats since the 1980s.

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  • Toho previously established an Eizō Jigyōbu in 1970 as a replacement for its Special Technology Division. It lasted only one year before being replaced by the subsidiary company Toho Eizo.


  1. Also sometimes rendered with a space or interpunct between 東宝株式会社 (Tōhō Kabushiki Gaisha) and 映像事業部 (Eizō Jigyōbu).
  2. Formerly known as 東宝株式会社ビデオ事業部 (Tōhō Kabushiki Gaisha Bideo Jigyōbu), also translating to "Toho Co., Ltd. Video Division."


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