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Jada Toys
Jada Toys logo

Type Toy manufacturer
Status Active
Led by Bill Simons
Founder(s) Jack Li and Mary Li
Founded 1999
City of Industry, California, United States
Website https://www.jadatoys.com/ (under construction)

Jada Toys is an American toy manufacturer founded in 1999, specializing in die-cast figures, remote control vehicles, and scale model cars. It produced a toyline for the 2024 Monsterverse film Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire.

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire


Jada Toys' figures for this film were first revealed at Singapore Comic Con, held December 9-10, 2023.[1] The Shimo Metalfigs figure displayed at this event was the first official look at the Titan.

Heat Ray Breath Godzilla R/C


Two variations of each Metalfigs are currently on sale: regular diecast figures and keychains.


Heat Ray Breath Godzilla R/C commercial
Heat Ray Breath Godzilla R/C feature video

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